Elastics - Working With Casings

Hi Everyone! In part 2 we're going to take a look at working with casings. A casing is a tube created with fabric, thread, or an applied trim. When combined with elastic, it creates an adjustable fit for the garment. It can be used on a waistline, neckline, or sleeve. They are very easy to create and use!

In the video posted below, we'll look at creating both a folded casing and an applied casing. I'll also show you a few 'in process' examples that really change the look of the existing U.K. Holiday Top. With just a few minor tweaks to the elastic length and placement - we've got a fresh new look for Spring 2018!



Pattern Overview (featured in the video):


Other LJ designs that use casings:

Liberty Jane Pattern Collection

Liberty Jane Jeans - All sizes (Applied/folded)

Liberty Jane Salina Dress - All sizes (combo folded/applied)

Liberty Jane Picture Day Skirt - All sizes (folded casing)

Liberty Jane Capri Pants - All sizes (casing created with grosgrain ribbon)

Liberty Jane Basic Pants - bundled in the Yoga pants patterns (folded casing)

Liberty Jane Mini Skirt - All sizes (folded casing)

Liberty Jane Pleated Skirt - All sizes (folded casing)

Liberty Jane Button Front Mini Skirt 18" AG dolls (partially folded casing)

Liberty Jane Harajuku Station Skirt - All sizes (folded casing)

Liberty Jane Woomera Dress 18" AG dolls


    Week two task:

    • Test it out for yourself. Create a design variation on the UK Holiday top or any other pattern you have. CAn you change the elastic placement or length to create a different look? 

    Next Tuesday - Week 3: FOE and Exposed Elastics

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