Fabric Manipulation - Pin Tuck Tutorials

Hi Everyone! This week we'll take a closer look at creating and working with pintucks. Pintucks are tiny pleats folded and stitched down on the fabric. They can be used horizontally or vertically in a given design. Often times they are used in groupings of three, as shown in the Boomerit Falls Dress, Steam Bib Top, and Roebuck Bay Skirt designs. They are a great way to add visual interest without any additional cost or materials. I love techniques like this!  

In the video posted below, I share with you a few examples and hands-on tutorials for creating pintucks. I've also included an example of what you would need to do to add them to an existing design. I hope this will encourage and inspire you to try something new!



Pattern Overview (designs with pin tucks)


    Week Two Task:

    • Watch the videos and then practice the pintuck technique - then pop over to the facebook group and share your work!

    Other Great Resources:

    • Learn a different pintuck technique in the 18 on Main Heirloom Dreams pattern. Create tiny tucks using a twin needle! 
    • Familiar with machine embroidery? Take a look at the Innovations in Dollwear Perfect Pintucks downloadable design file - create perfectly spaced and even pintucks every time!

    Next Tuesday  - Week 3: Ruching for added impact 

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