Hemming Techniques - Delicate Hems on Silky Fabrics

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Hemming Techniques Part 3: Sewing hems on chiffon or silky sheer fabrics. I love these types of lightweight flowing fabrics! Choosing to use these really sets the tiny garments apart from the usual "doll clothes" crowd. The touch and feel are just so nice and really adds that authentic touch to the pieces. This falls right into my mantra "Fashion in Miniature"! Sure quilting cottons are easy to hem, but they don't provide the same scaled-down realistic version of real clothes. When I stumbled across this technique a few years back, it really opened up a new world for me! I no longer feared sewing with these types of fabric, I actually began to choose them more often! I love the idea that learning and perfecting a new skill can be so liberating! 

Are you ready to learn some new techniques? Let's go...

In the video posted below, I share with you my go-to methods for hemming chiffon or silky sheer fabrics. But first, I've brought Melinda back to share a few basic techniques to start us on the right path. Follow along as we show you how to do a basic hand rolled hem, a double tuned narrow hem and my go-to modified tiny zigzag cover stitch (sewn on a standard machine). Experimenting with the techniques and figuring out which method works best for you and your machine is the key to success!





Pattern Overview (Liberty Jane designs using knit fabrics):

  • Liberty Jane Killara Dress or Top
  • Liberty Jane Woomera Dress
  • Liberty Jane Roebuck Bay Lace Back Top
  • Liberty Jane Lace Overlay Tank Top
  • Liberty Jane Kings Canyon Peplum Top
  • Liberty Jane CA Cami 
  • Liberty Jane Faraway Downs (narrow hem or sub for the zigzag hem on chiffon ruffles!)
  • Liberty Jane Malibu Halter Top (if made with a chiffon)
  • Liberty Jane Sorrento Top (if made with a chiffon)


Resources: Another great technique for sewing a narrow rolled hem is done with the rolled hem machine foot (which I didn't have in time for this post). Here are a few tutorials for using one on a Brother and a Bernina machine.



Week Three Task:

  • Practice a few hem techniques - share your examples with us in the group!

Next Tuesday - Week 4: Tiny Hems and Hem Alternatives

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