Hemming Techniques - Sewing Hems on Knit Fabrics

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Hemming Techniques Part 2: Sewing Hems on Knit Fabrics. Knit fabrics are beautiful and provide a very authentic look and feel to the garment. Unfortunately for most, these fabrics also bring with them a bit of fear and anxiety. I experienced those same feelings early on but after hours of experimentation and research, I've overcome those fears. I love to sew with knit fabrics and hope that these tips and techniques will encourage you to practice sewing with knits too!

Are you ready? Let's go...

In the video posted below, I share with you several tutorials for hemming knit fabrics. First, we take a look at a basic double turned hem, then we look at using a twin needle, and finish off with a quick look at using the walking foot. One of the primary secrets to hemming a knit fabric is the use of fusible interfacing for knits - it works wonders! The other necessity is pressing with steam to regain the shape of the original hemline - watch the video to see the techniques in action. Experimenting with the techniques and figuring out which method works best for you and your machine is the key to success!





Pattern Overview (Liberty Jane designs using knit fabrics):

  • Liberty Jane Free T-Shirt
  • Liberty Jane T-shirt Variations
  • Liberty Jane Baseball T-shirt (AG, WW, Boy Doll, AGAT, Ellowyne, Journey Girls, BFC Ink.)
  • Liberty Jane Off The Shoulder Tee
  • Liberty Jane Cortina Couture Top
  • Liberty Jane Malibu Halter Top
  • Liberty Jane Sorrento Top
  • Liberty Jane V-neck Tee

Resources: Here's my long list of knit fabrics and knit fabric notions - so much good stuff!

Mood Fabrics Shop online or visit them in New York and LA:

Harts Fabrics: This store is fantastic! If you're ever in Santa Cruz, CA be sure to look them up! 

Girl Charlee (Great online source for knit and ribbing fabrics):

Fashion Fabrics Club:

Spandex World: Large selection of lycra blend knit fabrics.


The Fabric Fairy: Great selection of knits!

JoAnn Fabrics In-store and online:

  • EK130 Fusible Knit Interfacing
  • Cotton Spandex  - My go to for basic white or black tees - easy to sew, steams well and works great with iron-on designs!
  • In Store - I love to check out the "Red Tag" tables usually in the back of the store. The inventory is always changing and I frequently find slub knits and sweater knits there.

For WA State Locals:

  • Pacific Fabrics (Downtown Seattle by Safeco Field) Great selection of swimwear knits on the back tables!
  • Fabric Depot - Portland, OR area. Largest fabric store in the Us, I believe! Great selection of 4-way stretch mesh (in store) as well as vegan leather, and knit blends.

Knit Notions:

Fusible Knit Stay Tape 1/2" width rolls (need to be trimmed to 1/4"): Sewing Machine plus

Velcro® Brand Tape  - 3-yard rolls available at Home Sew

Twin Needle - 1.6mm size 70 or 80 is what I use for doll tees (Klasse or Schmetz). I have a universal style, but if you can find one for stretch, it might work even better!

Coffee Filters - I'd suggest Amazon! ;)

Steam Iron - You might be surprised to know that the one I'm using the in the video is just $15! There's a large variety of irons to choose from, take your pick, I'm sure any will do fine!


Week Two Task:

  • Practice a few hem techniques - share your examples with us in the group!

Next Tuesday - Week 2: Hemming Chiffon or Silky Delicate Fabrics

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