Hip, Hip, Beret! The Banded Beret Pattern Hack

Hi Everyone! In Part 3 we take our beret hats to a new level by adding a fun design element and a few embellishments. Shari is joining us again with a detailed pattern hack tutorial to demonstrate the ideas.

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In this tutorial, Shari is going to show you how to add a hat band to change
the look of a basic beret. The concept is very similar to adding the hat band in the tailored beret, except the band is turned to the outside. Make the band with a sturdy woven fabric for a formal look or a knit fabric for a more casual appearance. Jazz up your banded beret by using contrasting fabric or adding a variety of embellishments. This is a simple pattern hack with endless

She'll be demonstrating this pattern hack on the hat from the Keepers Dolly Duds Coat Essentials pattern, but this techniques can also be done on the LJ Newsboy Cap & Beret too!

Follow along to watch the process of adding the hat band:


Here's a breakdown of the full tutorial:

  1. To determine the length of your hat band piece, measure your dolls
    head, letting the tape measure hug the head lightly where you want
    the edge of the beret to rest. Add 1/2” for the seam allowance.
    My dolls head is 12-1/4” in circumference, adding the seam
    allowance the length of my hat band piece should be 12-3/4”


  2. To determine the width of your hat band piece, decide how wide you'd
    like your finished hat band to be. Double that width and add 1/2” for the seam allowance. In my woven example, I would like to my finished hat band to be 3/4” wide, so the width of my hat band piece should be 2”.


  3. Using these measurements, cut out a hat band from the beret fabric OR a contrasting fabric. (Measurements for the hat bands used in my
    demonstration are 12-3/4” x 2” for the woven band OR 12-3/4” x 3” for the knit band.)


  4. Cut the outer beret pieces from your beret fabric and then cut the same
    pieces from your beret lining fabric. In this example, I am using the beret pieces from the “Coat Essentials” pattern, by Keepers Dolly Duds.


  5. With the right sides out, fold your hat band in half along the length. Press to crease. Skip this step if you are using knit fabric.


  6. Open the hat band back up and pin the ends right sides together. Stitch. Finger press the seam allowances open.


  7. Fold the hat band along the crease. Press the woven hat band again. Do not press the knit hat band.


  8. Fold the hat band in half at the seamline and pin each end to mark the center front and back.


  9. Fold the band in half again, this time matching the pins in the center. Pin each end to mark the center of each side. Set the hat band aside.


  10. Follow the pattern instructions for sewing the beret. Do not sew any of the lining pieces to the beret at this time. Now, sew up a beret lining exactly the same way as the beret.


  11. Mark the center front, center back, and centers of each side of the beret as you did the hat band. Repeat for the lining


  12. Compare the size of the bottom edge of the beret with the hat band. If the bottom edge of the beret is the same or slightly smaller than the
    hat band, stay-stitch the bottom edge of the beret and clip the curve. If the bottom edge of the beret is larger than the hat band, sew with two rows of gathering stitches. Repeat for the beret lining.


  13. Pin the hat band to the bottom edge of the beret right sides together
    aligning the markings and easing the fit. Stitch.


  14. Pin the beret and beret lining RIGHT sides together and matching the
    seamlines along the bottom edge. Stitch, leaving a 2” section open for turning.


  15. Turn the beret right out, tucking the lining inside the beret. Turn the seam allowance on the open section under and whipstitch to secure.
    Carefully press along the seamline to set the seam.


  16. Follow the same instructions for the knit band.


  17. There are lots of ways you can customize your beret. Use contrasting fabrics to add interest. Add embellishments such as bows or decorative
    flowers to the band or crown. Or, make your beret reversible by
    using an alternate hat fabric instead of the lining.


The Finishing Touches: Add Some Personailty WIth These Fun Embellishments!


Beret With A Knit Hat Band

Create a cozy winter beret by making the hat band with a knit jersey, fleece, or soft minky. In my example, I used a soft minky and cut the band wider (2-1/2”) so it would cover my dolls ears. To make this hat, follow the instructions
in the video, only DO NOT press fleece or minky type fabrics.


Hat Toppers

In the Tailored Beret tutorial, we added a classic stem to the top of our beret, but there are many other ways you top your beret to give it a custom look. A simple vintage or fabric covered button gives your beret a subtle finishing touch, decorative tassel adds a bit of panache, and and a pompom adds a little playfulness.


Make a Fleece or Fur Pompom

  1. Cut a 2 inch circle of fleece, minky, or fake fur and sew a running stitch around the outer edge.
  2. Tuck a small amount of stuffing inside the circle as you draw up the running stitches to form a ball. Tack the stitching to secure.


Whipstitch the pompom to the center of the beret to add it to the hat.



Before sewing up the hat band, add a length of ribbon, lace, or decorative trim to the outside half. After you sew up the beret, add a bow made with matching ribbon or lace.

Fabric Bows and Flowers

When you can't find that perfect trim to finish off your beret, use the leftover
fabric that is right in front of you. Bows and flowers can easily be fashioned from scrap pieces of the fabric.


How To Make A Simple Fabric Bow

  • For a 4” wide bow, cut a 4-1/2” wide by 4” long rectangle or oval from fabric (adjust the length or width as desired). Cut the bow on the grain for a crisp looking bow OR cut it on the bias for a bow with a little drape.


  • With the right sides together, fold the bow in half along the length. Stitch, leaving a small opening in the center for turning. Clip the corners. Turn right side out. Press, following the seamline. 


  • Cut another rectangle of cloth for the bow center 1-1/2” wide and 2” long. Fold the bow center in thirds along the length and press to crease.


  • Fold or gather the bow in the middle. Wrap with the bow center. Whip stitch the end to secure.
  • Attach the bow where desired along the band of the beret.



A Simple Fabric Flower

There are lots of ways to make fabric flowers. Here is a simple one for you to try.


  • Cut an assortment of 1-1/2” circles from a lightweight fabric (adjust the size as desired) for the petals.

  • Fold each petal in half along the bias. Pin the curved ends together, overlapping about 1/2”. Because of the curved edge, the line of petals will form a spiral. Use as many petals as you would like, between 3 and 5 works well for this scale. Once you have the desired number of petals, pin the ends together to form as circle.

  • Sew a running stitch 1/8” from the outer edge. Draw up the thread to form the flower and use the thread to take a few stitches to secure.

  • Arrange the petals as desired and stitch onto the hat. Sew a decorative button, or seed beads to the center to finish.


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