Hip, Hip, Beret! How To Resize A Hat Pattern For Any Doll

Hi Everyone! In Part 4 we wrap up the topic with a look at resizing a hat pattern to fit any other size doll! Shari is joining us again with a detailed tutorial to demonstrate how it's done.

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Did you know you can easily customize the size of just about any fabric hat pattern to fit your favorite doll? Because there is only one key measurement,
the head circumference, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3... plug a few numbers into a simple math equation, reset the scale on your copy machine, and redraw the seam allowances. Seriously, it is as easy as that!

Special note: This works for a hat because there is only one measurement to consider. This same process does not work for clothing patterns because there are generally two measurements to consider (height and width) so the scaling process takes a little more finesse to get just right!

Here's Shari to explain the process in detail:


Here's a breakdown of the full tutorial:

Step 2:
Reset the Scale to Print Your Pattern

  • To resize your hat pattern (from 18" to 14.5"), simply click to print your PDF, choose the pages with your pattern pieces, and then adjust the custom scale to 77.08%.... or whatever percentage you came up with for your project. 


Step 3:
Redraw your Seam Allowances

  • The seam allowances will be rescaled in the printing process, so they will need to be adjusted to the correct width.
  • Using the stitching line as a guide, measure out ¼” to mark the new cutting line.
  • You can either use a ruler and a pencil to draw the new cutting lines OR you can take the thread off your sewing machine and use your seam guide to stitch the new cutting lines.


There you go, that's it! Your resized pattern is ready to sew.

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    December 24, 2020

    Wow! Using the sewing machine to stitch the new cutting line is genius! What a great idea! Reminds me of learning to sew in home ec. following lines on a piece of paper. (A long time ago)

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