January 2020 - Our Favorite Pattern Hack with an Exciting New Twist!


Hi Everyone! The results are in... The favorite pattern hack (or the one most hoped for) is The Fur Lined Denim Jacket - Yay!  This is a fun and easy way to change up the look of the classic denim jacket!  And to make it even more interesting, I've included some tips to make it a little bit longer for an 18" Boy Doll. When I did this hack the first time I didn't really think about the length until after it was finished, but once we put it on the boy doll, I noticed we needed to make some modifications to make it more appropriate for the boy style. Lengthening this jacket, and others in our catalog is super simple! Follow along in the tutorial below to see how to do it!


Ok, let's jump right in!

First, we'll look at how to lengthen the jacket, then you can take those pieces and follow the video tutorial to make the fur-lined jacket for a boy doll.

(or if you're not interested in making it longer, skip this part and go straight to the fur-lined hack)

In the image above, you can see the original design on the left and the lengthened design on the right. The one on the right still needs to be "embellished and distressed" but for this purpose, you can see the finished modification.

Here's a shot of the jacket on the boy doll. Notice how the jacket waistband its more at the waistline, and the tee-shirt hem extends quite a bit below the jacket. The cropped style works well for a girl, especially when work with a cute summer dress, bit for a boy the jacket would look better if the finished length was just past the shirt hem, closer to the hips, just past the wrists. The only difference in these two jackets is the length (and the fur-lined hack, of course!)

Above, I have the supplies I use to modify pattern pieces. I like to use tracing paper, and my Cutterpillar light board because it has a graph style mat that I can use to measure the changes. You can also use graph paper, either 4x4 or 8x8 work great!

To begin, I will identify the middle of the body section. This is where I will "splice" the pattern pieces. 1-1/4" up from the bottom looks right. This method works best to achieve a consistent fit. I could simply add length to the back pieces because they don't have any shaping in the midsection, but you can see on the front pieces the diagonal lines wouldn't work to simply be extended at the bottom of those pieces.

Next, I will place the ruler and draw the line on each piece. Notice I have all pieces placed on the same baseline so this is easy to do all at once. In the second picture, the ruler has been moved out of the way, so you can see where I would draw the cutting line. You can then cut these pieces with scissors or simply cut with a rotary cutter if you are doing this on a cutting mat (like I show in the picture).

Then place your pieces on tracing paper (or graph paper) and tape them down with the correct spacing. We have determined that we want the jacket to be 1-1/4 inches longer so we have added that much along the midsection of each piece. Tape them down, connect the lines from the top section to the bottom, then cut them out. Notice the Side Front and Center Front diagonal lines don't line up perfectly. For these pieces simply place your ruler at the top and bottom edges and draw a new diagonal line.

In the image above, you can see the final modified pieces.

Now you can move forward with the pattern instructions, either make a classic Denim jacket or follow the tutorial below to make a fur-lined variation.

Fur-Lined Denim Jacket Pattern Hack

In this pattern hack, we will introduce some pattern drafting skills and add the element of fur to create a "Fur-Lined Denim Jacket"! This style can work great for both boys and girls. The fur lining can be done with a classic faux fur, a soft fleece, or even a vibrant pop of color! The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless!

The tutorial videos are demonstrated on the 18" size pattern. If you want to modify one of the other sizes of the denim jacket, you can use this same technique with any of those sizes too!

In the videos posted below, I walk you through the modifications to the Front Yoke and Inside Front pattern pieces and then show you the steps to take to add this modification into the existing Denim jacket Pattern Instructions.

The modification to this design are:

  • The Front Yoke and Inside Front will be modified and a third piece (The Front Facing) will be created. This new piece will be cut from the fur.
  • The Collar piece will be cut 1 denim cut 1 fur.
  • All other pieces will be cut from the denim fabric as directed.
  • Sew the Denim Jacket according to the instruction up to Step 23 (using either the faux or flat-felled seam style), then watch the video to see how to attach the facing and finish up the jacket.

Note - this style would be super cute made in a corduroy instead of denim!




Resource List:

Rivets  - Hobby Lobby

Buttons - Home Sew

Quilters Tape - 1/8" check in stores locally

Wonder Tape - 1/4" Amazon

Design Tape - Draping Tape Amazon

Edgestitch Foot - Low Shank Amazon

1.6mm /80 Twin Needle - Amazon

Denim Fabric (I like the 7 oz. weight stretch denim) - Joann Fabrics


You can download the videos from this course in The Best of Sewing With Cinnamon collection page on Vimeo.

Link: https://vimeopro.com/user39282990/swc-best-of-2020

Password: BESTOF2020  (Case sensitive, no spaces)

January Coupon Code: As mentioned during the 12 Days of Christmas, we are expanding the monthly coupon code to include several brands at Pixie Faire! This month's discount code can be used to redeem any single pattern from the following brands (valued at 5.99 or less):

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Discount Code (FREE Pattern): BESTOF2020

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  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 16" AGAT Dolls (Also fits 18" BFC, Ink Dolls)
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 Week One task:

  • It's time for a fashion show! I'd really love to see some Denim Jackets posted in the Facebook group :) Style yours up and show us what you've been working on! 
  • You can also use this lengthening modification technique on the LJ Bomber or Aviator jackets, if you're ready to move on fromt he denim jacket, maybe you'd like to try that?
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing. Not a FB user? Tell us in the comments below!
  • Also - we have added a bunch of new bonus items for members, if you missed any of them during the 12 Days of Christmas, be sure to jump over the Sewing With Cinnamon Bonuses section and grab them today!
  • Don't forget to participate in the remaining voting poll below. 

Next week, the poll option with the most votes will be the one we focus on. I'll include the video, and then share updates if I have them, and ask you to share what you've learned and projects you've done since learning from that video. 

    OK, here is the poll! Please vote for your favorite and stay tuned for the results! 







      January 25, 2020

      If I wanted to make the AGAT jacket longer, how much would I add ?


      January 25, 2020

      How much would I add to the 16 inch AGAT jacket pattern ?


      January 23, 2020

      I have just added a ruffle to the bottom and sleeves of the shorter jacket like one of the pictures on the website. I can’t wait to try this!


      January 23, 2020

      I have just added a ruffle to the bottom and sleeves of the shorter jacket like one of the pictures on the website. I can’t wait to try this!


      January 23, 2020

      Love this! Thanks so much!

      Marietta G.
      Marietta G.

      January 23, 2020

      Thanks for showing how to add the length to this Jacket, looks great on the Boy doll.


      January 22, 2020

      can we have this pattern hack in download form like snowman hack fo dress last month ??


      January 21, 2020

      I want to allow the denim jacket to close. Where do I extend the pieces front and back to allow this please . Thanks

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