Online Fabric Sourcing - Chat Two

Welcome back! In this next session, Shari, Donna, and I chat about our favorite fabrics! Join us as we discuss things like:

Why are we drawn to these specific fabrics?
What projects do we use them for?
How does drape affect the fabric choice?
How does the pattern design play into choosing the appropriate fabric?
And more...



July 27, 2022

Shari, where do you source batiste? I used to have no trouble finding it. In fact years ago I bought a whole bolt at walmart. Now no one knows what you are talking about. They keep showing me batiks instead. It is such a shame that the fabric store are forced to hire people with no knowledge of fabric or sewing.

Constance Johnson
Constance Johnson

July 23, 2022

I agree with Patricia. In order to purchase fabrics online, I must see the fabric with a measurement tool. Please sell doll scale fabric on Pixie Faire. I have purchased on,, Amazon and even eBay and Etsy with success. But, I’ve learned my lesson and only purchase when I can see the scale. On shops where there is no scale, I have sent messages asking if they could take a photo with the fabric. If they can’t I don’t purchase.

Your talk was very enjoyable. Thanks so much!!!


July 22, 2022

I online order ALL the time. For everything! It’s nearly 50 miles to the nearest JoAnn’s….time more than mileage is my deterent for the trips. BUT, thru mail-ordering, my problem is I have sssoooo many fabrics that are not to scale. As Shari stated, I feel I have wasted my money. They LOOK like they are usable, but not. Those fabrics go in a tote somewhere never to be used…..wasted! A lot of sites don’t show measurement comparisons. I prefer to see what I’m purchasing in person to see if it’s suitable for the doll I am sewing for. For this reason is why I purchase lots of fabrics (recycleables) at garage sales and thrift shops. I can SEE the scale, the drape, the feel. LOVE! for you to offer to-size scaled LIBERTY lawn fabrics! I would KNOW you did the size scaling for ME! Thanks.

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