Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: Winter Sports

Hi! Welcome to the course! Follow along as we explore the world of cold-weather activewear! Our inspiration stems from two current things: The 2022 Winter Olympics and the 2022 Girl of the Year Doll Corrine Tan (from American Girl).

Let's explore color palette and fabric types for your winter sports project! Our inspiration for this theme stems from the 2022 Winter Olympics and the 2022 Girl of the Year Doll, Corrine Tan (from American Girl).

Follow along in Sewing a Themed Wardrobe: Winter Sports and create mix and match pieces for your dolls winter wardrobe!

  • In Part 1: (February 1) Learn about choosing a color palette and the perfect fabrics for your project. 
  • In Part 2: (February 8) Join our sew-along for the super adorable up cycled Johnny Was reusable shopping bag turned ski jacket! 
  • In Part 3: (February 15) See how to create a skiing or snowboarding helmet with foam. 
  • In Part 4: (February 22) Create the perfect figure skating dress with our tips too!

Our color palette is based on the 2022 color of the year - Very Peri. Learn more about color choices and color palettes at the Pantone website here:

Browse the complete collection of Winter Sports pattern designs on Pixie Faire here:

More Resources:

You can fine the GOTY doll collection here:

The American Girl Team USA collection can be found here:
Many of these outfits (including the ones with the skiing helmets, cannot ship internationally or are sold out, that's why we're excited to show you how to make one!)

Looking for the 2022 official Winer Olympics team gear? Your can find the at the Ralph Lauren website here:

The images are being shown from my Pinterest boards. Image copyright for many of the product shots are Ralph Lauren and American Girl. These are used here for educational purposes.



February 05, 2022

I am soo lost.
Where are the PDFs where is the coupon codes? I can see the videos but I also need the PDFs. I was watching the Aussie set of videos and couldn’t find the PDFs.
Help I’m lost.

Bev Hiler
Bev Hiler

February 04, 2022

Can’t wait to get started

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