Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: Winter Sports - The Johnny Was Springtime Fun Ski Jacket!

Follow along as I show you the process of using a Johnny Was reusable shopping bag to make a miniature ski jacket for 18-inch dolls like Corinne Tan! The pattern used is the QTπ Pattern Co. Springtime fun jacket. We are using the "no seam" variation for this demonstration.

Let's get started on this project!

If you're following along, you'll need fabric for the jacket shell. A Nylon poly blend would be great, upcycle a bag like me, or maybe an umbrella! 

I'll be using the nylon bag as my jacket shell fabric and a fuchsia fleece for the lining.

I've made one modification to the hood pattern piece to accommodate the logo print on the bag. I wanted to place the large logo prominently spanning over the full hood. To do this I printed a duplicate hood pattern piece and place it mirrored overlapping the CF seam allowance. This created one single pattern piece with a center back seam that fades to the connecting point similar to a dart.

I also wanted to be able to place the Jacket Back piece flat to make sure I was utilizing the print on the bag properly. To do this, I folded a plain piece of paper in half and traced the pattern piece on it, cut it out and opened it up flat. If desired, you could follow the same process for the Back Yoke piece.



To follow along and sew this jacket too you'll need to get a copy of the pattern. You cause your coupon code to get it here on Pixie Faire, or you can download it directly through the SWC website in this course collection.



If you're looking for other sizes, you can find them in the QTπ pattern collection.


QTπ Pattern Co collection:

Other resources:


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March 14, 2022

Love this jacket idea and I have a bag to use but I’m a little concerned that the pattern won’t be the right size for my Mia doll. How much bigger does the pattern need to be to allow for the bibs underneath and a turtleneck top?

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