Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks - Modifying Pattern Pieces


Hi Everyone! In part 3 we go a bit deeper into pattern hacking with a look at how to modify pattern pieces. Sometimes a few simple changes can really change up the look of a design!

At the beginning of this course topic, I asked you to submit some ideas for potential hacks. Thanks for all your participation! There are so many great ideas! When I saw this adorable dress posted by Pat, I knew right away it would fit right into this series! The dress has simple lines and a beautiful hi-lo design focal point. With a few tweaks and modifications to the Starlight Gala pattern, I knew I could achieve a similar look. 

For this week's tutorial, I'll be demonstrating on a new dress made with a modified skirt from the Starlight Gala pattern and a simple modification to the bodice front. Follow along with me in the video below to see how I made the changes to the pieces and created something similar to the inspiration image.




Video Timeline:

  • Beginning - 2:00 Overview
  • 2:00 - 6:00 Modifying the Original Hi-lo skirt into a knee length skirt.
  • 6:00 - 12:40 Creating the Hi-lo layer that lays from side to side.
  • 12:40 - 14:45 Finishing details for the skirt layers.
  • 14:45 - 17:36 Bodice modifications


Tutorial Highlights:

Cut pieces for the modified design. Solid blue pieces are for the Main Skirt and the Bodice Lining. Floral print pieces are for the Bodice, and Skirt Overlay.

Skirt layers constructed and Bodice ready to attach to the skirt. Notice the hi-lo design is going from the side to the opposite side, mirrored on the front and back, the center back opening is at the top of the photo.

Finished Dress!



Patterns Used For this Topic (this week):

Liberty Starlight Gala

Liberty Blossom



Week One task:

  • Watch the videos. Follow along as I show you how to dive right in and modify your existing pattern pieces! Try it out yourself!
  • I'd love to see your pattern hacks if you've done some or try one out for this new topic!
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.

Designer Note: There are many ways to achieve a look like this, the skirt design could be done with a gathered waistline as well. You could also choose to cut the first layer as a circle skirt with a flat waistline seamline and then the top layer with a fuller gathered or pleated waistline. The choice is yours! I encourage you to experiment with different design ideas to see what version you like best!

Next Tuesday - Part 3: Another pattern hacking tutorial!




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