Sewing Modified Pattern Hacks - 3 Sleeve Modifications

Hi Everyone! In part 4 we are taking a look at how to switch things up a bit and modify a sleeve into a new design style. This is easy to do once you become familiar with the process - so let's jump right into this weeks tutorial! 

At the beginning of this course topic, I asked you to submit some ideas for potential hacks. This time I've selected a few that were suggested by Jennifer Ackerman - Thanks, Jen! She posted a bunch of sleeve styles and I thought it would be fun to select a few and show you my process for doing some simple tweaks to existing patterns to get a similar look. As a reminder, this is simple pattern hacking, so we are using existing patterns to create the inspiration looks. These will be close to the desired result, but maybe not exact replicas. If you want to learn the art of pattern drafting from the beginning point, the Pattern Academy course is something that you'll want to look into :)

For this week's tutorial, I'll be demonstrating three sleeve style hacks. I'm using the Killara Dress and the Cortina Top patterns as my starting point. This type of idea can be done from any pattern piece that you might already have, just pay attention to the design lines and shape of the pice that you choose to start with. Follow along with me in the video below to see how I made the changes to the pieces and created something similar to the inspiration image.





Patterns Used For this Topic (this week):

Liberty Killara Dress (Lightning Ridge Top)

Liberty Cortina Top 


Week Four Task:

  • Watch the videos. Follow along as I show you how to dive right in and modify your existing pattern pieces! Try it out yourself!
  • I'd love to see your pattern hacks if you've done some or try one out for this new topic!
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


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Debbie Long
Debbie Long

March 28, 2019

It was great to meet you in person at the Quilt Show in Chicago. Thanks so much for you very helpful tips.

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