Sewing Perfect Gathers - Topic Overview


Hi Everyone! Welcome to the topic, Sewing Perfect Gathers. This is such an important skill to master so that you have the confidence to finish your garments and project well every time! 

For this topic, I'm excited to announce that Shari Fuller, the designer of the Thimbles and Acorns brand, will be my co-host! She has spent years perfecting the art of sewing and includes many different uses in her pattern collection. We are both really excited to present this topic to you and hope that this course will provide you with the skillset and motivation to incorporate gathering into your projects beautifully!

(Last weeks announcement video posted int he SWC Facebook Group):


The topic will be divided into four sessions:

  • Part 1: Topic Overview, Gathering Basics
  • Part 2: The Zigzag Technique
  • Part 3: Gathering on a Curve
  • Part 4: Gathering With Elastic Thread Bobbin

We'll be demonstrating these methods as basic tutorial exercises on small scraps of fabric as well as showing examples on both Liberty Jane and Thimbles and Acorns designs to help illustrate how the basic techniques and methods are used at a smaller scale. Follow along to understand the process, hopefully watching us in action will clarify any concerns or issues you may have with these types of techniques.

It's going to be a fun course! Are you ready? Let's go...








    Suggested Patterns For this Topic: 

    • LJ Blossom
    • LJ Picture Day (Skirt and Top)
    • LJ Boomerit Falls
    • LJ Bubble Skirt
    • LJ CA Cami
    • LJ Catalina
    • LJ Cortina Top
    • LJ Faraway Downs
    • LJ Harajuku Skirt
    • LJ Kimberley Dress
    • LJ Maxi Dress
    • LJ Peplum Top
    • LJ Salina Dress
    • LJ Shinjuku Starlet Jacket
    • LJ Summer In Paris Top
    • LJ Ruched Hoodie
    • TA EnForreau
    • TA Irish Kinsale Cloak
    • TA Young Martha 
    • TA Underpinnings
    • TA Unmentionables 
    • TA Fancy Shift
    • TA Saque Back Gown 
    • TA Bib Front Regency 
    • TA Sarah Hale 
    • TA 1860 Civil War Era Dress 
    • TA Prairie Rose 
    • TA Country Girl 
    • TA Mary and Laura  
    • TA Gigot Sleeve Dress 

     Week One task:

    • Watch the Gathering Basics videos. Practice, practice, practice.
    • Show us what gathering project you're working on this month!
    • Check out the Ultimate Resource Guide for fabric and supply sources. (Find this in the SWC Bonuses section)
    • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.



    LIANA Gooding
    LIANA Gooding

    October 15, 2019

    Thanks, Shari (and Cinnamon) As a self taught sewer of just a couple years, I love going back to the basics and learning tips I didn’t know or had forgotten when I was new and trying to absorb everything :)


    October 09, 2019

    Two things that I had not thought of—using a heavier thread in the bobbin and back-stitching in the center. Both are great ideas! I did the Promenade Dress previously for Dollhouse Designs, and the tiers were so long! I used a very expensive thread and still had a lot of breakage. Next time, I will try both of these tricks!


    October 08, 2019

    Sherri, you are soooo through I love you cause I am a visual sewist. I learned about the pressing, new to me. Thank you!

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