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Sewing Perfect Gathers - The Elastic Thread Bobbin

Hi Everyone! It's Shari Fuller, the designer behind Thimbles and Acorns, and I am back for the fourth week on the topic of, Sewing Perfect Gathers. Can you believe there are so many different ways to gather fabric? This week, I am going to show you my absolute favorite method for gathering fabric – elastic bobbin thread!

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Sewing Perfect Gathers - Gathering On A Curve

Part 3: Gathering on a Curve. This week, We have a special technique that makes it easier to gather curved edges. Gathering along a curve presents a unique challenge, especially when working with narrow seam allowances. Follow along as we show you how...

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Sewing Perfect Gathers - Zigzag Over Elastic Technique

This week, in part 2, we are continuing to perfect our gathering skills with the Zigzag Over Elastic technique. The method we are going to show you this week just may take the shudder out of your ruffling experience. How you may ask? Follow along in the tutorial as Shari shows you an exciting new method...

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October 08, 2019


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Sewing Perfect Gathers - Topic Overview

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the topic, Sewing Perfect Gathers. This is such an important skill to master so that you have the confidence to finish your garments and project well every time!  For this topic, I'm excited to announce that Shari Fuller, the designer of the Thimbles and Acorns brand, will be my co-host!

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Sewing Machine Presser Feet - The Ruffler Foot

Welcome to Part 7! Today we will take a look at the Ruffler Foot. This specialty foot enables you to create the simple gathering and pleating of fabrics all in one motion. Thanks to its variable setting options, both pleat depth and frequency of gather can be varied. This means that Ruffler Foot can set a pleat with every single stitch, every 6th stitch, or every 12th stitch, as you choose. There’s also the option of sewing without pleating, without replacing the presser foot.

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