Sewing The Doll Size Quilt - It's Time To Make The Bed!

Hi Everyone! It's time to wrap up the topic of Sewing The Doll Size Quilt. We will bring it all to life with coordinating bedding, cute accessories, and pajamas of course! If you're not finished with your quilt yet, don't stress! I encourage you to finish it up and you can refer back to this post when you are ready to set it up for display. 

I've really enjoyed going through the process of making the quilt. I've also enjoyed seeing all the beautiful variations that everyone has made! Great job everyone!

I'd love to see ways in which you plan to use your extra quilt blocks! We used a few to make some tiny pillows and have plans to make some larger shams as well! What about you? What creative things can you do with your leftover strips and pieced blocks? Maybe a "Mug Rug" like Laura shared in the FB group? Or part of a Sew Powerful purse? The possibilities are endless, please share your ideas in the Fb group or in the comments below!

This week I don't have a video to share, just some example pictures of how we pulled it together.

Here's a look at our version one (intermediate) quilt all set up. We used the Sew Urban Mattress and Sheet Set pattern to make the Mattress, Flat Sheet and Pillowcases. Then we used the Cathy pattern to make a cute little doll. The white shams were purchased from QTPi Doll Clothing's Etsy shop (part of the couch set). For this one, we also plan to use our leftover strips to make some large euro style shams as well. 


    Here's a look at our easy variation of the quilt.

    For this one, we used the same pattern to make the flat sheet and pillowcases. We also make a custom duvet style comforter using a shabby chic style fabric with lots of texture, we paired it with coordinating shams made of the same fabric. Here you can see our tiny bed pillows make from leftover scrap pieces. We call this "improv quilting"

    In this next shot, we have our A Girl For All Time doll, Matilda, sitting snuggled up on the bed with her favorite doll and book! She's wearing PJ pants made from the  BFC Inc size PJ Party pattern, and the same size Piccadilly Sweater top as her PJ top.


    We've got so many great pajama and bedding accessory patterns that you can use to really bring your whole idea to life. Here are a few that I recommend:

    Pillows & Sheets:



    Shop the full collection of 18-inch Pajama Patterns






    Week Five Task:

    • It's time to finish up your project and get it all set up for display or play!
    • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


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        Diane R
        Diane R

        April 01, 2020

        This was a great month with the quilting, but feel a little let down by not seeing pictures of the mattress and sheets you used. Where did you get the bed from? It looks hand made so I was wondering if Jason made it or if you bought it somewhere?

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