Sewing The Doll Sized Quilt - Sew Along Part 3: Borders, Binding, and Quilting!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 3 of the Sew Along! This week we will add the borders, work on the quilting and finish up with the binding to make the Tropical Illusion quilt!

As with the first sew-along, these next few steps are easy enough to do, simple cutting and sewing straight seams, but they require a good amount of attention to detail! My best advice is to slow down, take your time, look at the pattern and read it carefully. 

Follow along in the video as I show you how to work through Part 3, borders, quilting, and binding. For this part, you will first need to have parts 1 and 2 completed. Then grab your remaining pieces and follow along as we finish up this project!

Special Note: My daughter (Liberty) came home from college unexpectedly this past week because of all that is going on around us. This was a blessing in disguise! She is a film production major and jumped at the opportunity to take over film production for me on this last project. She worked with me to film from different angles (you'll see lots of close-ups!) and has lots of ideas for future video-based training! Many of you may remember little Liberty from back in 2009 when we first kicked off "Liberty Jane," it's so fun for me to have her circle back to this as an adult and join us in such a meaningful way! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and have a great time finishing up your quilts!




    Week Four Task:

    • If you haven't done this yet... Download the pattern. Read over the instructions to familiarize yourself with the process. Take some time to play around with color combinations and fabric choices. Cut and sew your strips. Then cut the blocks, the triangles, and create your quilt top (See part 1 and part 2 sew-along posts).
    • Watch the video for this week.
    • Cut the 1" Strip into two lengths two at 16.5" and two at 12".
    • Sew the borders to the quilt top, long sides first.
    • Cut the 1.5" strips into two lengths. two at 17" and two at 14.5"
    • Sew the borders to the quilt top, long sides first.
    • Cut your remaining pieced strips into 2"  pieces and sew them together to make long border strips. 5 for each long side and 4 for each short side.
    • Sew the strip border to the quilt top, long sides first.
    • Sandwich your quilt with the batting and the quilt backing.
    • Quilt through all three layers, following the seam lines of your choice.
    • Trim off excess batting and quilt back.
    • Sew on binding to all four raw edges. 
    • Phew! That's a lot of sewing! But, congratulations!! Your quilt is finished!
    • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.

      Tools needed:

      • Rotary Cutter
      • Acrylic Ruler
      • Cutting Mat
      • Iron & Ironing Board
      Next Tuesday - Part 5: Time to bring it all together and set up the bed with accessories!

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