Sewing The Doll Sized Quilt - Sew Along Part 2: Cutting and Sewing The Blocks


Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Part 2 Sew Along! This week we will begin to transform our long strips into intricate blocks and combine them all to make the Tropical Illusion quilt top. These next few steps are easy enough to do, simple cutting and sewing straight seams, but they require a good amount of attention to detail! My best advice is to slow down, take your time, look at the pattern and read it carefully. 

Follow along in the video as I show you how to work through Part 2, cutting and sewing the blocks. For this part, you will first need to have all your 4.5" strips sewn (from part 1). Then grab your rotary cutter, acrylic ruler, cutting mat and you'll be ready to go!

Special Note: I mentioned this was my first quilt, right? Well after editing the Part 2 video, I noticed that I accidentally pieced my final 6 blocks incorrectly (compared to the pattern image for the intermediate quilt). Take a look at the image below to see where I went wrong. When you get to this part in the video (timestamp 11:00 minutes )be sure to sew the top and bottom blocks together opposite the center section to achieve the look of the "cover quilt".  I'm including a picture below of the side by side comparison. Honestly, I think it looks fine and that's the nice part of this design, there are many ways this could go together. I just wanted you to see the error here before you followed my lead in the video! My mustard color is the same as the brown in the "cover quilt". There are six 4.5 inch blocks at this point in the process, the top two and bottom two should have been flipped so the mustard color was in the center (like the brown).





    Week Three task:

    • If you haven't done this yet... Download the pattern. Read over the instructions to familiarize yourself with the process. Take some time to play around with color combinations and fabric choices. Cut and sew your strips.
    • Watch the video.
    • Cut your Strips into 4.5" squares. For the quilt top you only need 12 total, so you don't need to cut all your stips at this point. The remaining part will be used for the border.
    • Cute each 4.5" square into 4 triangles.
    • Divide the 12 blocks into 2 sets of 6.
    • Fromt he first set of 6, combine triangle 1 and 4 into a small square and 2 and 3 into a small square. 
    • From the second set of 6, combine triangle 2 and 3 and 1 and 4 into small squares.
    • Combine the 4 squares into two sets of rectangles.  Then piece the rectangles together to make the blocks. You should have 6 total blocks.
    • Piece the blocks together to create the quilt top.
    • Phew! That's a lot of sewing! Now it's time to take a little break...
    • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.

      Tools needed:

      • Rotary Cutter
      • Acrylic Ruler
      • Cutting Mat
      • Iron & Ironing Board
      Next Tuesday - Part 4: Time to add the borders and binding and quilt our quilt top!

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