Sewing With Gingham - The History of Gingham

Did you know that gingham fabric wasn't always referring to a check? Follow along as Amy Barickman shares the history of this popular textile!

Be sure to download the accompanying PDF resource guide to access the graphics and reading material.

So many great ideas and inspiration projects!
~ Learn about the popular term "chicken scratch" and all the ways it can be used.
~ See intricate examples of Teneriffe done on gingham.
~ Explore smocking on gingham
~ Darling examples of cloth toys made with gingham too!

Follow along and get ideas to scale down for your doll-scale projects too!


Chris Bell
Chris Bell

November 08, 2023

This was so interesting, and loved the advertisements from old publications. I didn’t realize that gingham was in other patterns besides checks. This was a very good lesson.

Marcy Mahle
Marcy Mahle

November 29, 2022

Love this topic of the history of gingham. In fact, I think it would be fun to have an entire month dedicated to the History of different fabrics and threads. Would be nice to know more about the many items we use in sewing, how they cam about and why.

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