Sewing With Gingham - Sewing The Cross Stitch Double Drawstring Bag

Follow along as Amy shows you how to make the Cross Stitch Double Drawstring Bag! Re-purpose or recycle a gingham apron that has a cute embroidered pocket or bottom border into this fun project bag! Great way to preserve a precious piece of handwork! Or use purchased gingham fabric, like our Gingham and Cross Stich Pixie Pack. Then add your own unique cross stitch embellishment, and create something with a vintage feel!

Finished size is 8” x 10” but can be made any size with a few measurement adjustments.

Material List

• Two skeins of the same color embroidery floss- one for each drawstring or 12 wt. Sulky Thread (alternate option)

• Electric hand mixer – attach just one of the beaters!

• Scissors
• Four pearl buttons • A friend to help!!

NOTE: Embroidery floss is made up of 6 individual strands of floss. For this cord, do NOT separate the individual strands – treat the floss as one complete strand.

Alternate thread option for making cord from spooled thread: Six strands each 78” long to make EACH cord. We recommend Sulky® Crossroads 12 wt. thread. (This creates a thickness and length similar to skein of floss.) Then follow floss instructions.


Carolyn Carrothers
Carolyn Carrothers

November 10, 2022

I’m having problems finding the downloads for this class. Can you let me know we’re it is?
Thank you

Jacquie Corrigan
Jacquie Corrigan

November 09, 2022

Can you tell me where to look for the pdf please?

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