Sewing With Rainwear Fabrics: The Pepper Hill Raincoat Sew-along Continues!

Hi Everyone! In Part 4, we wrap up the rainwear fabrics' topic with the final steps in the Pepper Hill sew-along. Over the course of this topic we've spent some time looking at the qualities and characteristics of different rainwear fabrics, how to sew with them, and how to best choose them for your project. In Part 3 we began the sew-along and demonstrated sewing the hood. In this final installment we will finish up sewing the coat together!

If you haven't sewn the hood yet, you can refer back to the video in the prior section to complete steps 1-14 before continuing with the steps in this post.

In this first video we will look at attaching the Bodice Shell to the Bodice Lining, with an emphasis on the sleeve cuff design. This coat is designed to have the sleeve look "rolled-up" so the lining fold up over the sleeve with the cuff peeking out from underneath.

Follow the instructions in the pattern to sew the Sleeves to the Bodice Front's and Back's on bot the shell fabric and the lining fabrics, then pick up at step 24 in this video: 


Let's continue with the "Pleated Skirting" of the shell fabric. The important elements to pay attention to are the direction of the pleats and the depth of the pleats. The final pleated coat skirting is designed to line up with the waistline of the coat. If it is off you'll need to check the pleat depth to make sure it is the correct width.


Now we will look at the coat skirt lining fabric and sew it to the bodice lining and finish it off by sewing the shell and lining fabrics together along the hemline. 

Then we will do the trickiest part, attaching the Front Panel to the center fronts. There are several ways to do this, rolling it inside out (as demonstrated) or sewing it flat around the panel (as demonstrated int he step-by-step pictures). The 18-inch size is a bit easier because it is a bit larger than the 14.5-inch design, but both come together beautifully when finished!



We're getting so close now! It's fun to see the coat take shape! In this final video we attach the hood to the coat body and sew the finishing details!


We also have this video showing hoe to sew snaps under buttons. It is part of the Hand Sewing mastery course.



I hope you enjoyed this Sewing With Cinnamon course! I'd love to see the raincoats you've made and am happy to answer any questions you might have along the way. Just tag me in the SWC FB group to get my attention!

Happy Sewing!

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