Sewing With Rainwear Fabrics: The Pepper Hill Raincoat Sew-along Begins!

Hi Everyone! Now that we've prepped and prepared, we're ready to begin sewing the Pepper Hill Raincoat together! In Part 3, we will sew the Hood and the Hood Lining. If you haven't cut out your pieces and applied the interfacing yet, refer to parts 1 and 2; then jump back over here and follow along as we sew the hood together!

Watch the video and follow along to see the full process of sewing the hood. We will be following steps 4-9 to sew the hood and 10-14 to sew the hood lining, as shown in the pattern instructions. You will be using the Hood Sides (2), the Hood Center Back Panel (1), The Hood Facing (1), The Hood Side Lining (2), and the Hood Center Back Panel Lining (1).

The video shows the primary version in the pattern with the interfacing applied to the Hood Sides and Center Back Panel. There is a short section a the end of the video that shows the Version 2 interfacing application as well.

Once you complete the hood, continue to follow the instructions through Step 23 to sew the Bodice and Bodice Lining pieces. We will pick up in Part 4, with the next video at Step 24 showing how to attach the Bodice to the Bodice Lining, with a focus on the correct attachment for the sleeve cuff design.

If you have questions, or want to share your progress with the group, pop over to the SWC Facebook group and post them there :)

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