Sewing With Socks - The Cropped Cardigan Tutorial


Hi Everyone! Are you ready to tackle another fun project using socks? This one works great with socks that have a print design that can be worn in any direction - things like stars, stripes, dots, etc. For this tutorial I'm using the top of the sock ribbing as the waistline of the sweater, so the sock will be flipped upside down to create the cropped cardigan look. We're using the Liberty Jane Cropped Sweater pattern, but flipping it around so it opens at center front. There are two options for the center front opening, use basic binding or go one step further with a separating zipper. The end result is fantastic and super adorable!

Are you ready to jump in and tackle this project? Let's go...

In the videos posted below, I walk you through the process of making this super cute cropped cardigan. I've covered both the binding and the zipper front opening. You can use them interchangeably.





Pattern Overview (designs featured in this weeks video)

  • Liberty Jane Cropped Sweater For 18" Dolls 

      Week One task:

      • Continue to show me your sweaters - It's so fun to see it all come together!
      • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


      Next Tuesday - Week 3: More Upcycling Secrets!


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      May 12, 2021

      I used fold over elastic to cover raw edges around the front and neck. It worded great

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