Upcycling Secrets - More Tips and a fun new tutorial!


Hi Everyone! This week we get to take a look at other ways to upcycle and other items that work really well for creating Fashion in Miniature. This is one of my favorite ways to shop for fabrics and embellishments. The authentic look and feel of the finished pieces come together so well when you can use the right types of materials. Depending on the recipient, you can look for the upcycle pieces almost anywhere. If you are making items for your own collection or as gifts, you can comfortably use items you may already have or gently used things you pick up at thrift stores or yard sales. If you are making items to sell, you'll want to be on the lookout for those clearance racks or the extra savings days at discount stores. You may begin to feel like a bit of a treasure hunter!

I'm including two videos this week, and will not post next week because of the Christmas holiday.


The first video - Upcycled Examples and Tips -  is a look at some pieces I've picked up and the garments I've turned them into. There are so many different types of garments to be on the lookout for!

In the second video - Upcycling From Start To Finish - I'm going to walk you through a project from start to finish using a beautiful fuschia sweater and the 123 Mulberry St Trendy Slouch Cardigan. Follow along and watch my process!



Pattern Overview (designs featured in this weeks video)

  • Liberty Jane Cropped Sweater For 18" Dolls 
  • Tutorial post - Make a Cardigan From the LJ T-Shirt pattern
  • LJ Pullover Sweater for 18 " Dolls
  • LJ Pullover Sweater for 14.5" Dolls

      Week Three and Four tasks:

      • Be on the hunt for items to upcycle. This is a great time of year to take advantage of special offers and clearance sales, especially after the holidays!
      • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.




      January 03, 2019

      So I downloaded all the current SWC videos available on my computer. Sewing machine feet, denim jacket and upcycling. Where are the old ones? When I had time to look (early summer) there were posts about hemming, specialty fabric and a bunch more. How do I access the older posts included in my subscription paid in spring 2018. I am not on facebook. Thanks.


      December 19, 2018

      Merry Christmas, it has been a great sewing year 2018, Wishing everyone a happy New Year 2019.

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