Sewing With Tiny Trims - Topic Overview


Hi Everyone! Let's talk about tiny trims! 

Throughout this 4 part topic, we will cover a variety of ways to use trims effectively in your design work!

  • Part 1: Topic Overview & a Closer Look at Trims
  • Part 2: Applied Trims
  • Part 3: Inserted Trims
  • Part 4: Trims as an embellishment or embroidered detail

I'll be demonstrating these methods using several different Liberty Jane designs to help illustrate how the basic techniques and methods are used at a smaller scale. Follow along to understand my thought process, hopefully watching me in action will clarify any concerns or issues you may have with these types of techniques.

It's going to be a fun course! Are you ready? Let's go...


Watch the overview video for this months topic:



Patterns Used For this Topic:


  • LJ Cosplay Day Dress (AG)
  • LJ Hello Oscar (AG and Ellowyne)
  • LJ Roebuck Bay Skirt (AG and WW)
  • LJ Snow Club Jacket (AG)
  • LJ Catalina Dress (AG and WW)
  • LJ Steam Bib Top (AG, BFC Ink, and Ellowyne)



Let's Take A Closer Look At Small Scale Trims: 


Week One task:

  • Watch the Topic Overview and the Closer Look videos. Take some notes, get things prepped and organized.
  • Check out the Ultimate Resource Guide for trim sources. (Find this in the SWC Bonuses section)
  • Take some time to look at things you've made or just items you have. What is the scale and proportion of the trim to the overall garment? Do you notice when it works well compared to when it looks a bit off?
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.




May 11, 2019

I have cardboard squares (or rectangles) that I use for my trims and save them in plastic shoe boxes. You can cut the cardboard from cereal boxes (in this case I use 2 so no color transfers to my trims, and put color sizes together


May 07, 2019

Does anyone have suggestions for wider trims or trims that have more yardage?

Karma Hall
Karma Hall

May 07, 2019

I keep the cardboard pieces from bias tape, ricrac, etc., to use for wrapping trims on. I hate throwing away something that I might find a use for later.

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