Sewing With Trims - Applied Trims


Hi Everyone! In Part 2 we are going to take a look at sewing applied trims to add a decorative element to your garment. These can be used to cover seam lines or to simply add an interesting design element. Follow along with me as I demonstrate a few different ways to use trims!

I'll be demonstrating these methods using several different Liberty Jane designs to help illustrate how the basic techniques and methods are used at a smaller scale. Follow along to understand my thought process, hopefully watching me in action will clarify any concerns or issues you may have with these types of techniques.


Watch the overview video for this months topic:



Patterns Used For this Topic:

  • LJ Cosplay Day Dress (AG)
  • LJ Hello Oscar (AG and Ellowyne)
  • LJ Roebuck Bay Skirt (AG and WW)
  • LJ Snow Club Jacket (AG)
  • LJ Catalina Dress (AG and WW)
  • LJ Steam Bib Top (AG, BFC Ink, and Ellowyne)



Let's Take A Closer Look Sewing Applied Trims with an edgestitch foot. The technique demonstrated at the 4:25 timestamp, shows how to sew two rows of trim together on one smooth seam: 


Week One task:

  • Watch the videos and practice a few of the techniques demonstrated.
  • Shar with the group some examples of effective uses of trims on your garments. 
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


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