Specialty Fabrics - Linings, Underlays, and Seam Finishes

Hi Everyone! This week we take a closer look at the specific needs of these lighterweight, more delicate fabrics. Linings are a great way to quickly and easily enclose seams and finish raw edges. Underlays are used to give strength and structure to a softer more flimsy fabric. Both methods are important to understand so that you can confidently swap in a more luxurious fabric type into a favorite pattern that may use quilting cotton as it's primary design choice. These types of fabrics are perfect for some of the more specialty types of seam finishes like French Seams, Flat Felled Seams, and Hong Kong Binding. In the video posted below I am joined by Melinda (of Melody Valerie Couture) to help illustrate some of these techniques. 

The goal here is to help you have a better understanding of the needs of these fabrics and proivide you with the skills to work with them confidently!

Are you ready? Let's go...



Pattern Overview:

Patterns By Melody Valerie Couture Shown in the Video:

    Resources (added to from last week):

    Fabric Notes - Depending on where you live, some types of fabrics may be easier to find than others. For doll size projects you can also check discount stores for dresses or tops that can work well for your projects too! The nice thing about these finds is that they usually have coordinating linings and trims included!

    Tools and supplies - Like I mentioned above, you may be able to find these things locally, but just in case.... I've included some links below to some of the useful sewing supplies. I may be helpful to read through reviews under the product listings to be sure you purchase the items that will work best!

    If you like to shop online, check out these sources for specialty fabrics and the tools I recommend:

    Week Two Task:

    • Practice, practice, practice! Choose a pattern you're familiar with and mix it up with a new choice of fabric. Be sure to use the proper needle and lining/backing fabrics if needed.

    Next Tuesday - Week 3: Delicate Fabrics, creating hems and using bindings


    Deirdre Mailer
    Deirdre Mailer

    February 28, 2018

    I too have missed the videos, are they in an archive that can be accessed?
    Thanks, Deirdre

    Loretta Bardsley
    Loretta Bardsley

    February 05, 2018

    Hello! I have missed a few of the month topics from 2017 and would like to catch up on them please as part of my membership. Where do I access past topics? Unfortunately I haven’t been downloading the videos the entire time during the course.
    Kind regards, Loretta

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