SWC Summer 2022 News & A Collab With Misty Doan!

Hi Everyone!

This week on Sewing with Cinnamon & Friends, I'm super excited to share a video tutorial from our new friend, Misty Doan! Misty, is the host of At Home With Misty; a "show" on the Missouri Star Quilting Youtube channel and website. 

More about Misty (from the Missouri Star website): Misty grew up surrounded by sewing and quilting. She loves spending time with you each week, her favorite “quilty” friends, and when she’s not stitching up one of her fun sewing projects for home decor, most likely you’ll find her hanging out with her husband and three awesome kids or working on a house project. She says, “I love being able to make something special and unique for people that I care about. And now, I love being able to connect with people all over the world through a shared hobby. I think every single one of us has something special to offer.”

A few months back, I met Misty and the Missouri Star Quilt Co team at the Phoenix Quilt Con. It was chance meeting, I was a bit star struck meeting Jenny Doan (Misty's mother-in-law) in person :) They were so gracious to us and asked us all about Sew Powerful. I hoped it might lead to something, but this has blown us all away! Their generosity and partnership is just so amazing!

Misty has created a sew along tutorial for the Sew Powerful Cross Body Purse pattern to share with their audience and we're sharing it with you too! It's such an honor to have the Missouri Star team excited to share the Sew Powerful Purse project! If you've seen the video that I made a while back, no worries! You'll still want to check this out! Misty is such a great teacher, so natural and easy going, you'll love to watch the process and watch her complete the bag!

You'll also find links on the Missouri Star website for all the items that she's used to make the purse! Things like tools, notions, and even the pretty floral fabric!

Where to watch:

Note: this video is not downloadable like the other SWC course videos, but if you are watching on the SWC App, you can save it to "My List" and watch offline anytime on mobile devices like phones and tablets.


Summer 2022 Updates

In other news, things are quite busy here and we have some rather big news to share! As many of you know, we are a family run company based in the Seattle, WA. area (Pixie Faire, Sew Powerful, and Sewing With Cinnamon). We are making a big move in just a few weeks and relocating to Northern California! It's both exciting and a bit daunting, moving is tough! We've been busy planning and packing and hope to be up and running in the new location in July.

The new office is super cute! It was actually a former cake shop! I'm so excited to get it set up, show you the space, and start creating new SWC videos in the new space!

Here's a sneak peek!


Summer Course Calendar: 

There will be a few changes to the courses/topics shared with you over the summer months. 

  • In June, Shari is taking the lead with a new sew-along featuring intricate couture techniques! The pieces she has been working on are pretty incredible! She'll be demonstrating the skills while sewing the Unmentionables pattern. Even if you don't usually sew historical pieces, this topic offers skills to sew truly bespoke garments that can be used in a variety of ways. Sew the items and keep them as something to display in your studio!
  • In July, We will be switching things up with the format! We're planning to do a conversational live presentation format. This a new idea for us, but we're really excited. I'll be joined by Shari and Donna for sure (and possibly a few other Pixie Faire team members). We'll be presenting the topic: Fabric Sourcing Online! This topic will cover things like sites we love, how to determine fabric type and scale when shopping online, finding historically accurate fabrics, and more!
  • In August, We will be sharing another installment of Miniature Millinery. This one is Silly Hats, in the spirit of The St. Catherines Day parade. This will be a fun month ending with a parade of hats!

Thanks in advance for your understanding as we switch things up a bit with the course calendar! As I mentioned, moving is a challenge! Luckily we have an amazing team here and I'm blessed to have both Shari and Donna jump in to share their love of sewing with you as we make the transition to a new location!

Hope you all have an amazing summer!

~Cinnamon & The Pixie Faire Team




Marcy Mahle
Marcy Mahle

June 14, 2022

Wow you really are going to be busy. Moving is not easy. Thinking you will not be only moving the business but also yourselves. I wish you the very best of luck in your new places. I love Sewing With Cinnamon and love all the different topics. Even things I do not do, I still love because I am always learning. I truly love Shari because I love sewing Historical clothing for dolls. Use to love receiving her fun Newsletter and the articles about some aspect of the History of Sewing. Hmmm that might be a fun topic for one month, a little bit about the history of sewing thru the ages and fabrics. Many thanks for all you do for all of us. Yes I do have purses all cut out and will get them sewn soon. I am so busy with my six pack of grandchildren, being President of my Doll Club that is part of UFDC and keeping up with my Sherlock Holmes Societies. I have tons of sewing projects that must get finished. And of course my dear hubby who has had some health issues. May God Bless you all.


June 04, 2022

HI Cinnamon, I am enjoying the collabs you are doing with all these talented artists so much. Big, big fan of Missouri Star as well as Misty Doan, she is like a breath of fresh air and the love going out to the Sew Powerful project is fabulous. Can’t wait to see how the new digs turn out, congrats on the move! Looking forward to your future topics. and would like to humbly suggest an extremely talented male artist for future collab, Rob Appell from Man Sewing, Making It Fun. I think you and he would be so fun to watch. Keep up the great work!

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