Sewing With Cinnamon

Hand Sewing Mastery - Hand Sewn Buttons, Buttonholes, and Thread Loop Closures

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 3, Buttons, Buttonholes, & Thread Loop Closures. This week we will be looking at several ways to sew on buttons and several types of closure styles to make them functional. Shari with us again to demonstrate the art of the hand-bound buttonhole, making it look so easy! We'll also be demonstrating how to make a thread loop for your button and the most common ways to sew on buttons themselves.

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Hand Sewing Mastery - How To Apply Sew On Snaps

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 2, How to apply sew-on snaps. This week we have Shari with us to present a few techniques for working with these tiny closures!

Snaps are one of the most user-friendly closures for doll clothes as they are easy to fasten, don't get snagged on doll hair, and can be used just about anywhere a fastener is needed.

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Simple Closures - Eyelets and Lacing

Hi Everyone! We round out this months topic with a closer look at using eyelets to create a lace up closure... Similar to buttonholes, eyelets may seem a bit intimidating. Cutting a hole into your almost finished garment is always a bit nerve-racking but with a few careful preperation tips you'll be able to apply these with confidence! Watch the video below for a full tutorial on how to use and eyelat setting tool called a Crop-o-dile to add eyelets to your garment.

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Simple Closures Buttonholes

Hi Everyone! I'm sure many of us have a fear of sewing buttonholes. That moment when you've sewn up your entire garment, hours of meticulous attention to detail, it looks perfect, you're so excited, then you relize the final step could literally destroy your entire piece! What to do, do you dare try to sew those buttonholes by machine, should you just go with snaps? Oh the torture! Haha, just kidding(well a little bit!)...

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Simple Closures - Button and Loop Closures

Hi Everyone! This week is packed with tips and tricks for sewing buttons with loop closures!

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Simple Closures - Topic Overview

Hi Everyone! Are you ready for a deep dive into the topic of "simple closures"? Throughout this month long topic I'll share with you my tips and tricks for working with a variety of closures such as: hook and loop tape, buttons, buttonholes, eyelets, and more...

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