Sewing With Cinnamon

Hand Sewing Mastery - Hand Embroidered Embellishments

Hi Everyone! To wrap up the topic of Hand Sewing Mastery we are going to take a look at using our hand sewing skills to do some hand-embroidered embellishments. I love this type of detail work because a little bit can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of the garment.

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Hand Sewing Mastery - Hand Sewn Buttons, Buttonholes, and Thread Loop Closures

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 3, Buttons, Buttonholes, & Thread Loop Closures. This week we will be looking at several ways to sew on buttons and several types of closure styles to make them functional. Shari with us again to demonstrate the art of the hand-bound buttonhole, making it look so easy! We'll also be demonstrating how to make a thread loop for your button and the most common ways to sew on buttons themselves.

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Hand Sewing Mastery - How To Apply Sew On Snaps

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 2, How to apply sew-on snaps. This week we have Shari with us to present a few techniques for working with these tiny closures!

Snaps are one of the most user-friendly closures for doll clothes as they are easy to fasten, don't get snagged on doll hair, and can be used just about anywhere a fastener is needed.

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Hand Sewing Mastery - Topic Overview

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the topic, Hand Sewing Mastery. This is such an important skill to master so that you have the confidence to finish your garments and project well every time! For this topic, I'm excited to announce that Shari Fuller, the designer of the Thimbles and Acorns brand, will be my co-host!

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