Zippers - How to Install and Shorten a Separating Zipper

Hi Everyone! Let's talk about - Separating Zippers!  If you want to add a higher level of authenticity to a doll garment, then this is the added detail that will make that difference. Tiny separating zippers really make the garment look like a miniature version of the real thing. There are two basic types of separating zippers - nylon coil teeth and metal teeth/pull. The plastic (nylon) style is easier to find and comes in a variety of colors and lengths. It's fairly easy to shorten as well. The metal teeth version will usually need to be bought from a seller that has them specifically for doll scale items. The version you can find at a regular retail shop usually has a pull that is too large (doll scale is size 3 or smaller). In the past we sold these types of zippers through Pixie Faire, but now we've created resource list (posted below) of a few different places you can find them online. Home Sew is carrying the same color and style selection that was formerly available on Pixie Faire, as well as a variety of other notions that recommend. Zipper that Doll carries both plastic and metal, but in a different selection of colors. They also carry a tiny closed end zipper which is great for the smaller dolls (just be sure to purchase the zipper stops!). Zip it (on easy) carries a great selection of colors for both separating and invisible zippers.

In the video posted below, I share with you a method for installing a separating zipper into a lined jacket as well as an example of shortening a metal teeth zipper. I hope this will encourage and inspire you to try something new!



Pattern Overview (designs with invisible zippers):


    Separating zippers can be harder to find when shopping for doll size items If you like to shop online, check out these sources:

    Week One task:

    • Watch the videos and practice on one of the suggested patterns or a pattern that you already have :)

    Next Tuesday  - Week 3: Adding a zipper closure...



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    November 25, 2017

    I’d love tips on keep the stitching consistently close at the top and bottom of the zipper. A lot of the zippers have a plastic coating these days on the zipper tape fabric. (especially at the bottom of separating zippers). When I get to this point on a zipper, I often meet considerable increase in resistance with the sewing needle or the feed-dogs or presser foot push the zipper tape further away so stitches are not even with those above it.


    November 15, 2017

    I was finally able to download the videos. I followed directions, after I typed the password it disappeared. What to do! So I retyped the password using the caps lock and low and behold the videos appeared. Oh the things these computers want you to do


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