Curves and Corners - Sewing Collars

In part 3 we move along and take a closer look at sewing curves and corners on collars. Tiny collars can be tricky enough because of their size, but add in the need to sew smooth curves or precisely pointed corners and you might just be saying - "No Way!" Let's conquer that fear together and turn those nays onto yeas!

I've worked with many types of collars over the years and no longer fear those tiny seams and matched center front edges. I 'm excited to share what I've learned with you!

There are two videos posted below - Curves and Corners - Collars and a Neck Binding Tutorial demonstrated on the Kings Canyon Peplum Top. Both videos include the tips and tricks I use when sewing curves and corners on collars. I think they may be pretty straightforward, but seeing something demonstrated usually teaches the technique better than a photo. I hope what I've shared helps you to gain confidence in sewing tiny collars and neck bindings!




Video Timeline:

  • 0:00 - 3:42 Overview
  • 3:43 - 10:32 Jacket Collar (Pointed Corners)
  • 10:32 - 16:15 Peter Pan Collar (Bib Top)
  • 16:15 - 19:02 Curved Collar, Pointed Corners (Abbey Road)
  • 19:02 - 24:28 Topstitching The Collar (Standard Presser Foot)
  • 24:28 - 26:48 Topstitching With The Edgestitch Presser Foot

Pattern Overview (designs that feature collars)

  • Liberty Jane Abbey Road
  • Liberty Jane Steam Bib Top
  • Liberty JanePeleton Moto Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Boomerit Falls Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Faraway Downs Dress
  • Liberty Jane Kings canyon Peplum Top
  • Liberty Jane Le Marais Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Penny Lane Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Button-Up Shirt
  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Ginza Girl Coat Dress
  • Liberty Jane School Boy Blazer
  • Liberty Jane Snow Club Jacket



Part Three Task:

  • Choose a pattern with a collar and practice some of the techniques demonstrated.
  • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.
  • Also - a reminder to try to share your projects and images under the proper post in the FB group. There is a menu posted as an Announcement, that includes links to each topic we've presented. If you have images to share, please find the post and share them as a comment reply to that post. This will help to not overwhelm group members FB feeds with images. As well as make it easy to find what we're looking for inside the group itself. Thanks, everyone!


Next Tuesday - Week 4: Specialty Facings and more...

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