Heavyweight Fabrics - Topic Overview Part 1

Hi Everyone! Let's talk about - Heavyweight Specialty Fabrics!  Coats, jackets, jeans, handbags, skirts, and more on-trend styles are all on the agenda for this topic! Vegan & Natural Leather, Microsuede, Faux Fur, and Denim... I love working with these types of fabrics, they bring such an authentic look and feel to the garments. Each piece truly becomes "Fashion in Miniature"! Working with these heavier weight fabrics may be intimidating for some, but the results are so breathtaking, I urge you to take that daring step and try something new!

My hope is that after this course, you will no longer fear these specialty fabrics and have the confidence to choose an authentic looking piece of fabric for your doll garment when desired!

Are you ready? Let's go...

In the videos posted below, I share with you an overview of the month-long topic, take a deep dive into different fabrics, and share some examples, and then take a detailed look at recommended tools. I hope this will encourage and inspire you to break out of your comfort zone and sew with these beautiful fabrics!



Pattern Overview:

Liberty Jane Snow Club Jacket 

Liberty Jane Motorcycle Jacket 

Liberty Jane Peleton Jacket 

Liberty Jane Piccadilly Skirt 

Liberty Jane Piccadilly Peacoat 18 Inch AG

Liberty Jane Piccadilly Peacoat 14-14.5 Inch Recently Published Design!

Liberty Jane Steam Jacket 

Liberty Jane Bomber Jacket

Liberty Jane Aviator Jacket



    Depending on where you live, some types of fabrics may be easier to find than others. For doll size projects you can also check discount stores for jackets or skirts that can work well for your projects too! The nice thing about these finds is that they usually have coordinating linings included! If you like to shop online, check out these sources for specialty fabrics and the tools I recommend:

    • Britex Fabrics in SanFrancisco is my favorite place to shop - if you're ever in the area be sure to check it out! (This is where I've found some amazing leather products, both natural and faux)
    • Pacific Fabrics (Northgate store in the Seattle area has a great selection of v) vegan leathers and natural leathers and suedes)
    • Girl Charlee - This is a great source for Vegan Leather - this is the same product we sourced for the pixie packs, comes in lots of colors!
    • Double-Sided Quilters Tape or basting Tape  1/8" width - Amazon
    • Clover Wonder Clips - Amazon
    • Acrylic Ruler -  Amazon
    • 28mm Rotary Cutter - Amazon
    • Fabrics A to Z by Dana Willard
    • Dressmakers Handbook of Couture Sewing Book
    • Microsuede Fabric - Joann.com
    • Non-Stick Presser Foot - Low Shank Machines
    • Roller Presser Foot - Low Shank Machines

    Week One task:

    • This first video is an overview of what's to come :) After you watch it, be sure to let me know if you have specific questions related to this topic. I'll try my best to add content to address those issues over the next few weeks!
    • Take an inventory of your supplies and fabrics. Maybe it's time to pick up a new tool or fabric? If you don't find what you're looking for in the list above, just send me a note or comment on the post in the FB group.
    • Familiarize yourself with the techniques shown by Melinda in the video posted below:

    Next Tuesday - Part 2: Sewing on Vegan and Natural Leather

    And here's a fun look at a recent version of the Peleton Cropped Moto Jacket... Be sure to follow me on Instagram for frequent updates of things I'm working on!




    May 03, 2018

    @linda – It sounds like you might need some sort of stabilizer… We have a great tutorial on the SImple Closures course that shows how to make a freezer paper template to sew buttonholes. It helps to hold the fabric tight – that might help in this situation!


    May 03, 2018

    @Deadra – the purse is a mini Kate Spade keychain. I actually got. it at KS :) I think it’s a seasonal item sold around the holidays. I’ve also seen similar ones at Target.

    Dewbre, Deadra
    Dewbre, Deadra

    May 03, 2018

    I was looking at the purse in the Instagram like pic. Is it pre made? If so where did Cinnamon find it?


    April 06, 2018

    I have many several outfits with my Brother buttonhole maker without problem, well, a couple but I figured them out. Recently I tried to put a buttonhole in the shortalls pattern made of lightweight denim and the buttonhole would start and then get stuck and just repeat in one place. Have you run across this. Wondering if this is a good place to ask since the topic is Heavyweight Specialty Fabrics. Thanks, Linda

    Lee Gilmer
    Lee Gilmer

    April 05, 2018

    I have the same problem with the PDFs not being listed in my sewing with Cinnamon Bonuses. I need the Fabric Manipulation and Elastic one. I’ve had this problem in the past so if I remember I’ve been copying the descriptions that come with each lesson but it’s a pain.


    April 03, 2018

    @Therese – no worries :) Just email me or PF support and we can replace your purchase with another pattern.


    April 03, 2018

    I just downloaded the Piccadilly pattern, and then realized that I already had it from 2017. Is there a way that I can use the coupon code again or however, for a pattern that a don’t have? Thank you.

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