Koala Hoodie Pattern Hack From Crafty Lil Turkey!

Hi Everyone! In part 4 of our Valentine theme, we wrap up the topic with a super cute Koala Hoodie pattern hack brought to us by Becca of Crafty Lil Turkey! This cuddly little creature is American Girl's newest sweetheart, and fits right in with theire new Girl of the Year® doll Kira Bailey™ who is living in Australia, home of the Koala!

Follow along in this tutorial and make a hoodie for your 14.5" or 18" doll! To begin you'll need to get a copy of the Woodland Friends pattern. You can use your coupon code for this pattern if you haven't used it yet this month, you can find that info on the SWC Bonuses page.


Then download the supplemental PDF Koala Hoodie Pattern hack, found in the Sewing With Cinnamon bonuses section. 


Here's a breakdown of the tutorial:

Koala Hack: Use with “Woodland Friends” pattern by Crafty lil Turkey

Print out the additional templates from the pattern hack supplemental PDF to make the Koala variation.

Ears: With right sides of the fabric together, match ear sets. 

Sew, leaving the bottom open for turning. Notch the curves. Turn right side out. 

Line up the notches indicated on pattern piece with those above the eye instead of Fox ear placement. *No need to fold the Koala ears.


Eyes: Follow Steps 1-2 to prepare the eyes. 

For Happy Eyes, use the Koala Applique Tracer. 

For Sleeping Eyes, flip the eyes upside down!

Stitch in place by hand or using the applique technique in Step 3.

Nose: Follow Steps 1-2 to prepare the Nose. 

For 14.5” pattern follow Steps 9-11.
AFTER Step 11, place the nose on as seen in the Koala Applique Tracer.

For 18” pattern follow Steps 13-15.
AFTER Step 15, place the nose on as seen in the Koala Applique Tracer.

Stitch nose in place using the applique technique in Step 3. 

Follow the rest of the Steps in Woodland Friends to complete the Koala Jacket!



Becca ~ Crafty Lil Turkey



April 24, 2024

So, so cute

Renee B
Renee B

April 23, 2024

The Koala Jacket hack is adorable. I like your patterns, especially the Greatest Generation patterns as that was my parents generation and I’m going to duplicate my fathers Army Air Force uniform. Thanks so much.


February 23, 2021

Lol my sister is going to scream! A koala jacket for dolls!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥️

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