Sewing The Raglan Sleeve: Topic Overview Part 1

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the topic: Sewing The Raglan Sleeve! Donna Kinley is joining us for this 4-part topic with a look at the design elements that make up a raglan sleeve, and a full sew along of the new E=dK2 Dress pattern to demonstrate how it is used in a clothing design. Follow along and see all of the ways in which the sleeve style can vary and how to successfully sew this sleeve into your garment.

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Sewing The Raglan Sleeve Topic Overview:


The topic will be divided into a 4-part series: 

  • Topic Overview. A look at the Raglan Sleeve design, how it is constructed, and how it may be used in a design.
  • Sew along for the dKinley Designs E=dk2 pattern, featuring View A
  • Sleeve variations (View B and C)
  • Mix & match with Energy Dress pattern

As I mentioned, Donna Kinley is joining us as a guest instructor! Follow along in the video below and get an in-depth look at how the raglan sleeve is created and how it is combined with different design elements, such as pleats and gathers, to fit nicely into the desired garment. 


What Makes A Raglan Sleeve Different From A Standard Set In Sleeve Design?

The first thing you’ll notice about a raglan sleeve is that there is no shoulder seam.  There’s a front sleeve seam and a back sleeve seam but there’s no actual shoulder seam as it is part of the sleeve itself. The sleeve goes all the way up from the arm and continues across the shoulder to become part of the neckline.

Because of the way the sleeve starts in the front shoulder and goes across the shoulder and becomes part of the back, you have to be conscious of how you lay out your pattern pieces on your fabric, especially if you have a directional print on the fabric. 


*This is important to keep in mind as you choose your fabric for this project.

 A funny anecdote ~ After researching this topic a bit I discovered that the Raglan sleeve was named after Lord Raglan, who is said to have worn this style coat in the battle of Waterloo! Apparently this design allows for more movement which came in handy when swinging his sword in battle! Isn't that interesting? Funny that today the most popular use of the raglan sleeve has evolved from that to the baseball tee!

Prepare For The Sew Along:

Next week, in part 2 we will begin the sew along for the E=dK2 Dress, Donna's most recent pattern! To participate in the sew-along, get the pattern HERE. If you'd like to use this month's coupon code, you can find it on the SWC Bonuses page.

Gather up all the necessary supplies, read through the pattern to familiarize yourself with the assembly process and techniques used.


Looking for other ways to sew the raglan sleeve? Check out all these other designs! Some use knit fabrics, some use wovens. Some are simple straight lines, others are more intricate! As you can see, this is a really interesting design element and can be used in so many different ways!

See the full collection of patterns with Raglan Sleeves here!








March 25, 2021

Who knew raglan sleeves could be so interesting! So many more applications beyond the baseball t-shirt!


March 16, 2021

I love, love ,love sew a longs as I am visual person. Can’t wait for the bride dress!!!!

Linda in PA
Linda in PA

March 05, 2021

How funny that I had cut out the Energy dress months ago and have finally cleared the rest of my projects to work on it. Perfect timing. I will finally be able to sew along this time with a clear conscience!


March 05, 2021

very interesting video. I have the Energy pattern and will follow along using it.


March 02, 2021

Awesome teaching today. I like the patternmaking training instead of just sewing information. Thanks again, Donna, for sharing your expertise with our group.

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