Sewing Costumes - Let's Make Cotton Candy!

Hi Everyone! I'm having a blast reworking some of the costume patterns and ideas that have been out for a while. One of the things I love to do most is bringing new life to designs and give them a fresh new look with minor tweaks and changes! This week is another super cute example :) I've taken the basic LJ Halloween Costume pattern and worked up a new variation - Cotton Candy!

The costume I'll be demonstrating today is modeled on a 14.5" Welliewishers™ doll, but the tutorial and idea will work for any size, the 18" doll pattern as well as a little girl (once you determine the body size). She is dressed in a white tee & leggings paired with the puffy pink costume and coordinating "cone" hat. Pretty adorable, if I do say so myself!

Follow along in the video below to see how easy it is to create this modified version of the Halloween Costumes pattern!





Pattern Overview (designs that can be used to create a princess dress):

  • Liberty Jane Slip Dress (no center back seam, slips on easily)
  • Liberty Jane Summer In Paris (Strappy Tank Top with center back seam)
  • Liberty Jane Free Tank Top
  • Liberty Jane Free T-Shirt

Patterns Overview (designs that can be used for Animals, Characters, & More):

  • Liberty Jane T-Shirt Variations (all sizes)
  • Liberty Jane Leggings (included in UK Holiday Outfit patterns)
  • Liberty Jane Piccadilly Sweater or Piccadilly PJ's Top (18", WW, BFC, Ellowyne)
  • Liberty Jane Basic Pull-On Pants (included in Yoga Pants or Piccadilly Pj's patterns)
  • Liberty Jane Halloween Costumes (Basic bag style body)


      Tutorial Notes:

      • This costume modification can be made for 14.5 - 18" dolls or any size doll/child once you have the body piece size determined. 
      • Supplies Needed:
        • Fabric - any lightweight fabric will work for the main body. Knit fabrics drape nicely, but quilting cotton can be used as well. They will have a more pronounced puffy look. Fuzzy, furry or sparkly fabrics can bring a lot of life into this idea as well! If your fabric is too thick to double turn the casings, simply trim off 1/4" and use a single fold.
        • Batting - a small amount goes a long way! But you can use as much or as little as you'd like to achieve the look you want.
        • Heavyweight paper for the cone. I simply rolled the paper into a cone and trimmed off the bottom to achieve a straight edge to rest on her head.
        • Elastic thread, cord, or beading cord - I cut the piece 11" to fit on a Wellie's head. Simply wrap the cord around your dolls face determining the best length. You want a snug fit, but not too tight or it might tear the paper.
        • Glue - I used a hot glue gun because I don't have a lot of patience! You can use any type of fabric safe adhesive, or tack the batting down with a few hand stitches if desired.

          Week Three Task:

          • I'd really love to see some costume projects made from ideas in this course! Try your hand at making a creative costume modification and share it with the group!
          • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.

          Next Tuesday - Week 4: Treat Bags - and a new LJ Treat Bag pattern!

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