Sewing The Denim Jacket - The Sew Along Tutorial


Hi Everyone! Welcome to part 2 - the full sew-along tutorial. Now that you've had some time to practice some of the sewing techniques used in the pattern design, we can jump right in and begin making our jackets.

The sew along video is demonstrated on using the pieces from the 14.5" Wellie size pattern. The techniques are the same no matter which size you are making. 


Special Note - The pattern includes cut lines and instructions to make the jacket with flat felled seams (fully enclosed) or faux felled seams (exposed seam allowances, finished with a zigzag or serger). The tutorial is sewn with the faux felled seam style, if you'd like to use the flat felled seam style, refer to the earlier video (pieces are sewn wrong sides together first, not right sides together). Also be sure you have cut the pieces on the correct lines for the corresponding seam style. Blue  - faux felled 1/4" seam allowance. Black Flat Felled 3/8" seam allowance.





Pattern Overview (designs that feature princess seams and sweetheart necklines):

  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 18" Dolls
  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 16" AGAT Dolls (Also fits 18" BFC, Ink Dolls)
  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 14.5" Welliewishers 




    Resource List:

    Rivets  - Hobby Lobby

    Buttons - Home Sew

    Quilters Tape - 1/8" check in stores locally

    Wonder Tape - 1/4" Amazon

    Design Tape - Draping Tape Amazon

    Edgestitch Foot - Low Shank Amazon

    1.6mm /80 Twin Needle - Amazon

    Denim Fabric (I like the 7 oz. weight stretch denim) - Joann Fabrics




      Week One task:

      • Let's sew the jacket together! Watch the video and follow along as we make the denim jacket. 
      • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


      Next Tuesday - Week 3: The Hoodie Denim Jacket Hack.



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