Sewing With Cinnamon

Sewing Hems With Decorative Stitches - The Crescent Stitch and other Stacked Stitches

Hi Everyone! Welcome to part 2 of sewing hems with decorative stitches! Today I am going to demonstrate the use of the crescent stitch as the hemline for the cut off shorts. This delicate tiny detail adds a lot of interest to a basic design! I also have a few examples of sewing different decorative stitches stacked in rows to create another interesting design element. I encourage you to try this out! It's a fun way to add your own unique touch to your garments!

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Sewing The Denim Jacket - The Fur Lined Pattern Hack

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 4 - For this final installment of Sewing The Denim Jacket we will introduce some pattern drafting skills and add the element of fur to create a "Fur-Lined Denim Jacket"! This style can work great for both boys and girls. The fur lining can be done with a classic faux fur, a soft fleece, or even a vibrant pop of color! The choice is yours, the possibilities are endless!

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Sewing The Denim Jacket - Two Hoodie Pattern Hacks

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 3 -Let's mix things up by adding a few elements of a hoodie to make a cute "Denim Jacket Hoodie"! This style is pretty popular and adds a fun sporty look to the classic style. It's a fun way to mix fabrics and colors to create different looks.

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Sewing The Denim Jacket - The Sew Along Tutorial

Hi Everyone! Welcome to part 2 - the full sew-along tutorial. Now that you've had some time to practice some of the sewing techniques used in the pattern design, we can jump right in and begin making our jackets.

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Sewing The Denim Jacket - Topic Overview & Techniques

Hi Everyone! Let's talk about - Denim! More specifically, the classic wardrobe staple, the Denim Jacket. This is a true classic! The denim jacket can be worn at any age and compliments a variety of styles. 

Throughout this 4 part topic, we will cover the techniques used and explore a few added variations to this classic design.

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Fabric Manipulation Topic Overview and Distressing Denim

Hi Everyone! Let's talk about something I like to call Fabric Manipulation!  

Follow along in this 4-part course as we learn the tricks of the trade! This topic covers distressing denim, using techniques like pintucks and ruching to create visual interest, working with fabric dyes, and more...

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Perfect Pockets - Slash and Patch Pockets

Hi Everyone! This week we I'm excited to share my tips and techniques for sewing both slash pockets and patch pockets. Both styles are commonly found on jeans, but can be used in a veriety of othe garments.

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