Sewing The Denim Jacket - Two Hoodie Pattern Hacks


Hi Everyone! Welcome to Part 3 -Let's mix things up by adding a few elements of a hoodie to make a cute "Denim Jacket Hoodie"! This style is pretty popular and adds a fun sporty look to the classic style. It's a fun way to mix fabrics and colors to create different looks.

The tutorial videos are demonstrated on the 18" size pattern. We've used the hood piece from the LJ Ruched Hoodie pattern.  If you want to modify one of the other sizes of the denim jacket, look for a hoodie pattern in that size to "borrow" the hood piece from. (Or click over the How To Make A Hood Like A Minion Blog Post to see ideas on how to draft your own hood piece.)

In the videos posted below, you'll see tow variations of this idea. The first, simply replace the collar with a hood and the sleeves are made with the knit (still cut from the existing pattern piece). The second adds the hood layered on top of the collar and adds an additional ribbed waistband piece along the bottom. Both styles look great. I encourage you to try on or both today!





Pattern Overview:

  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 18" Dolls
  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 16" AGAT Dolls (Also fits 18" BFC, Ink Dolls)
  • Liberty Jane Denim Jacket For 14.5" Welliewishers 
  • Liberty Jane Ruched Hoodie (for the hood piece)




    Resource List:

    Rivets  - Hobby Lobby

    Buttons - Home Sew

    Quilters Tape - 1/8" check in stores locally

    Wonder Tape - 1/4" Amazon

    Design Tape - Draping Tape Amazon

    Edgestitch Foot - Low Shank Amazon

    1.6mm /80 Twin Needle - Amazon

    Denim Fabric (I like the 7 oz. weight stretch denim) - Joann Fabrics


      Week Three task:

      • I know it's a busy week - but if you're working on sewing projects this would be a fun one to squeeze in! Maybe it could be a gift for someone on your list! 
      • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing.


      Next Tuesday - Week 3: The Fur Lined Denim Jacket Hack.

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