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Sewing In Bulk Quantities - Packaging and Branding

Hi, Everyone! You've worked hard to make your items, now let's talk about the finishing touches! Packaging and branding are so important as you think through how to pass along your hand made items. Whether you sell them or plan to give them as gifts, you should plan to "Wow!" the recipient with beautiful packaging! Including things like a handwritten note card, logo stickers, boxes or bags; logo tags sewn into your items, and a few added ribbons or hanging tags. Remember that you only get one chance to make an unforgettable first impression and if you do it well, they will be coming back for more (and possibly tell their friends!)

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Sewing In Bulk Quantities - Project and Clothing Storage

Hi, Everyone! So, now that we're sewing batches of dresses, pants, and tees; we need to figure out how to store them properly. Two types of storage situations come to mind: 1. Storing items to sell (or possibly donate) and 2. Storing items in your own collection. Many of the solutions provided can apply to both situations, but the things like plastic bags will only work for a quick turn around, like selling to a customer.

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Sewing In Bulk Quantities - The Sewing Process

Hi Everyone! This week we're going deep into the process of a bulk sewing project. I've chosen the LJ Salina dress to illustrate the process of fabric selection, cutting, sewing, and pressing the items in a streamlined process. It's always interesting that you can sew a pile of the same thing without adding a huge amount of time compared to sewing one item individually. You can likely sew a single dress in a hour or so, but you can sew a dozen at one time in about 2 hours - that's definitely worth trying!

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Sewing In Bulk Quantities - Topic Overview

Hi Everyone! Let's talk about - Sewing In Bulk Quantities!  I'm excited to share the things I've learned with you as well as pick up new tips and suggestions from the group. Maybe you're asking - "Why would I want to sew in bulk?" There are a few reasons... First, maybe you want to sell items you make at a craft fair, in an Etsy shop, or in local retail. Second, maybe you're considering donating a bunch of items to a charity during the holidays (which will result in lot's of happy little girls and boys!), or maybe you just want to make a large wardrobe for your collection - a girl can never have too many pairs of jeans, right?! 

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