Sewing In Bulk Quantities - The Sewing Process

Hi Everyone! This week we're going deep into the process of a bulk sewing project. I've chosen the LJ Salina dress to illustrate the process of fabric selection, cutting, sewing, and pressing the items in a streamlined process. It's always interesting that you can sew a pile of the same thing without adding a huge amount of time compared to sewing one item individually. You can likely sew a single dress in a hour or so, but you can sew a dozen at one time in about 2 hours - that's definitely worth trying!

The video is posted below. I hope this will encourage you to give it a try! Be sure to scroll down below to find a list of resources and patterns for your bulk sewing project!



Pattern Overview:

  • Liberty Jane Salina Dress (Shown in the video - AG, WW, AGAT, KNC)
  • Liberty Jane Aspen Dress (Shown in the video - AG, BFC)
  • Liberty Jane FREE T-Shirt (AG, WW, H4H, Barbie, JG, KNC, BFC, AGAT)
  • Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle (AG, WW, H4H, JG, KNC, BFC, AGAT, Bitty)
  • Liberty Jane Piccadilly Sweater (AG, WW, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane Baseball Tee (AG, AG Boy, BFC, KNC, WW, JG)
  • Liberty Jane Leggings
  • Liberty Jane Basic Pants (Yoga Pants) Great for PJ sets with a tee or Piccadilly Sweater!
  • Liberty Jane Avila Aviator (AG or WW) Simplest jacket to sew in bulk, just 3 pattern pieces!
  • Liberty Jane Janes Shoes (AG, WW, JG, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane No Sew Janes Shoes (AG, WW, JG, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane Open Toe Janes Shoes (AG, WW)
  • Liberty Jane Dress Form (AG, WW, BFC/AGAT, Ellowyne/H4H) If you're sewing in bulk you'll need lots of these for display!

Resources & Bulk Sewing Supplies:

Week Two task:

  • Watch the video :) Then give it a try... What item would you like to sew multiples of? Make a set of 12 and then share them with the group and be sure to let us know what they are for (your collection, a gift, a charitable project, etc.) If you have questions or need help in specific areas, ask!
  • Post questions as comments under the Facebook Group Post 


Next Tuesday  - Week 3: Project & Inventory Storage...



September 21, 2023

Here’s another quick tip. When turning the bodice, I use a hemostat and it just turns quickly and easily. Love how Cinammon prepared things to put together. I never sew less than at least 2 of everything, so I found that very helpful!


September 19, 2023



video was great! as I watched, i was also thinking how to streamline sewing for Barbie doll as well AG doll. Thank you! you made it look so much easier!!

Renee Adams
Renee Adams

August 12, 2017

Great video! Love the tips. Makes me want to go set up for a bulk sewing session

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