Sewing In Bulk Quantities - Project and Clothing Storage

Hi, Everyone! So, now that we're sewing batches of dresses, pants, and tees; we need to figure out how to store them properly. Two types of storage situations come to mind: 1. Storing items to sell (or possibly donate) and 2. Storing items in your own collection. Many of the solutions provided can apply to both situations, but the things like plastic bags will only work for a quick turn around, like selling to a customer.

In the video posted below, I go over these topics as well as storing your "projects in progress". My hope is that the ideas presented will help you figure out what type of storage is right for you!

Early on in the video (at 2:00) I show a few pictures from an Etsy seller Elite Doll World, she has grown a ton this past year using Instagram to get in touch with her target market - young girls! If you're looking for examples and inspiration for what to do and how to do it, be sure to check out her IG feed, she's got a lot of pictures and some video showing her items as well as her sewing /storage process!



Pattern Overview:

  • Liberty Jane Salina Dress (Shown in the week 2 video - AG, WW, AGAT, KNC)
  • Liberty Jane Aspen Dress (Shown in the week 2 video - AG, BFC)
  • Liberty Jane FREE T-Shirt (AG, WW, H4H, Barbie, JG, KNC, BFC, AGAT)
  • Liberty Jane Jeans Bundle (AG, WW, H4H, JG, KNC, BFC, AGAT, Bitty)
  • Liberty Jane Piccadilly Sweater (AG, WW, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane Baseball Tee (AG, AG Boy, BFC, KNC, WW, JG)
  • Liberty Jane Leggings
  • Liberty Jane Basic Pants (Yoga Pants) Great for PJ sets with a tee or Piccadilly Sweater!
  • Liberty Jane Avila Aviator (AG or WW) Simplest jacket to sew in bulk, just 3 pattern pieces!
  • Liberty Jane Janes Shoes (AG, WW, JG, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane No Sew Janes Shoes (AG, WW, JG, H4H)
  • Liberty Jane Open Toe Janes Shoes (AG, WW)
  • Liberty Jane Dress Form (AG, WW, BFC/AGAT, Ellowyne/H4H) If you're sewing in bulk you'll need lots of these for display!

Resources For Storage Supplies:

Week Three task:

  • Watch the video :) and then jump into he discussion on this Facebook post started a few weeks ago. It's all about Doll Clothes Storage!
  • We'd love to see your examples! 

Next Tuesday  - Week 4: Packaging & Branding...


Renee A
Renee A

August 19, 2017

Love these suggestions for storage. Those Darice plastic containers are a wonderful place to store working projects. Also can’t resist the tension bar in bookshelves. I love how clean and organized the display example was. Looks like clothes at the Gap!

Pat P
Pat P

August 16, 2017

I liked the video but I especially liked that my storage photo was shared!


August 16, 2017

I have been doing a lot of outdoor shows and have my clothes stored in plastic bags that go over the hanger and stay open at the bottom. This has saved me several times when the weather has turned suddenly bad. It also keeps little fingers that are less than clean from handling them. I didn’t know that I should not store them in plastic though. I have been very careful with keeping them dry. I know that condensation is also an issue when the show goes past daylight. My main goal was to keep them clean and dry..any suggestions on how to do that without plastic?

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