Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: Valentines Style!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: Valentines Style! For this topic we are going to look at different ways to incorporate the basic heart design element into a variety of different designs. We will demonstrate ways to use appliqué and decorative stitches in your garments in fun and creative ways. We will also work on some cute & crafty projects to set the scene for the perfect Valentine's Day celebration!

To kick things off, we will be looking at creating super adorable Valentines themed t-shirts! Watch the video below to see examples of the one's I've created using the T-Shirt Variations Pattern, Baseball Tee pattern, and the Hoodie Dress pattern paired with a few different embellishment techniques.

Then I challenge you to create your own Valentine-themed tee! Choose a technique demonstrated here, or a different embellishment technique. Then share your pictures with us on the Pixie Faire Inspiration Gallery. You can do this in 2 ways, either click the + symbol on the picture display grid and then simply add your photo with a description OR add your image to Instagram and use #pixiefaire in your description when posting. All the images  have to be "approved" so they won't appear instantly, but check back daily to see what's new! I'd love to see a flood of super cute and creative tees pop in - I hope you'll take me up on the challenge!

Here are the patterns I recommend, these are available in a variety of sizes too!



Tutorial technique #1 The Freezer Paper Fabric Painting Stencil:

This is an excerpt from the Working With Embellishments course, to see the full set of videos on fabric painting and find the clickable links to the supplies, click here.


Tutorial technique #2 Mini Screen Printing:

This is an excerpt from So-Cal Themed Wardrobe, to see the full set of videos to create the outfit seen, click here.

You can find the screen printing products on the Chalk Couture website, click "Shop" - transfers - cut apart designs, to find the smaller ones that work for doll tees. Be sure to purchase "inks" (not paste). The inks are for fabric. It looks like they just launched their spring summer collection today! Lots of new items to look at!

You can also find similar screen printing stencils on Amazon.


The Heart Appliqué T-shirt Design:

To make this t-shirt style we used the long sleeve style tee from the t-shirt variations pattern. We used a red knit neck binding and this darling sequined iron-on appliqué (found at Hobby Lobby). 


The Peek-a-Boo Cutwork T-Shirt Design:

To make this cute 80s flashback style tee, we used the t-shirt variations pattern with two sleeves layered on top of each other before sewing them to the body of the t-shirt. The short sleeve shown here is longer than the "cap sleeve", it's about 1.5" shorter than the 3/4 length sleeve.

Draw on a heart outline, then draw in some slashes. Mine were about 1/4" - 3/8" apart. This isn't rocket science so don't sweat it too much! I re-drew the lines on the image in photoshop, but in real life you want the lines just dark enough so you can see them.

Then, using sharp scissors (or if you're careful, a rotary cutter), cut along the slash lines.

Next, lay the slashed tee front over a piece of the peek-a-boo fabric. Be sure both layers are flat, and pin carefully to keep them from wiggling around.

Stitch along the chalked heart outline, then down the middle of each slash to secure.

Flip the tee front to the wrong side, and trim away the excess peek-a-boo fabric.

And that's it! Go ahead and finish putting the tee together normally -- and then trot out your finished handiwork.

Share them with us on the Pixie Faire Gallery or using #pixiefaire when sharing online!


Sheila Wagner
Sheila Wagner

February 12, 2021

I love all of these. Want to try them all.

Barbara Rouse
Barbara Rouse

February 03, 2021

Love these ideas and can’t wait to get back to sewing so I can try some of them.

Marian Peoples
Marian Peoples

February 02, 2021

I am all about a good themed wardrobe. Valentines is definitely a good time for this!

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