Sewing The Raglan Sleeve: Pattern Symbol Marking and Sewing Views B and C

Hi Everyone! In Part 3 we continue the sew-along for the E=dK2 dress. In this lesson we will take a step by step look at creating the sleeve pleats of Views B and C. Throughout this lesson we will also go over pattern marking symbols, what they are for, and the importance of transferring the pattern markings onto your cut fabric pieces. Seeing this "in action" on an actual project is the perfect way to learn! Let's get started!

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Pattern Symbol Marking

Accurate symbol marking is an important step in any pattern.  In this video, Donna shares some of her favorite methods and techniques for marking the cut fabric pieces.


In the video, she uses a regular pencil so it’s more visible, but there are many marking tools available on the market. Some disappear on their own, some disappear with heat or moisture, and some are more permanent. There are lots of colors available as well, so you can choose the one that works best for your fabric. No matter which marker you choose, it’s always a good idea to test it on a scrap of the fabric you plan to use.

Some patterns, like the E=dK2 Dress, may look complicated at first glance, but you’ll find that with our step by step pattern instructions, you can successfully create items you might not normally try.Follow along as Donna shares her method of symbol marking and takes a step by step look at the construction of the sleeve pleats in Views B and C.

This pattern looks great done in a specialty or shiny fabric! Challenge yourself to make your doll a more formal dress. For information and tips about sewing with “fancy” fabrics, be sure to check out this video from our Sewing With Specialty Fabrics series: 



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