Sewing The Raglan Sleeve: Mix and Match Patterns

Hi Everyone! In Part 4 we will round out the lesson portion of the topic of Sewing the Raglan Sleeve by taking a look at ways to combine the E=dK2and Energy Dresses to create new designs.



In this video, Donna will share a few tips about the inside finishes for these dresses and then take a quick look at combining patterns in general.

Any time you combine patterns, you’ll want to transfer any marks that pertain to the pieces you are changing and adjust the notch placements if needed. These two patterns are designed to be used together, but there’s a few tweaks that need to be made to the pattern pieces that will help make sewing the combinations easier.


Follow along as Donna shows us how to combine these patterns and enjoy the “fashion show” of example combinations made by some of our great pattern tester volunteers!


It can be great fun to think outside the “pattern cover box” to find ways to stretch your pattern collection even further. Sometimes, this can just be trying a different type of fabric than that shown on the front cover or adding trim. But when you are feeling just a bit adventurous or you can’t find quite what you are looking for, consider combining patterns to create that special design that’s in your head.


For more ideas on combining patterns and changing up sleeves, check out these other video tutorials:



August 07, 2021

Very interesting and educational. Do you have a printed list of those pattern go together s somewhere that we can utilize to get our thinking caps working more? Also wish that members would automatically receive the free pattern each week . Had procedure done so missed out on last 2 that I would love to have had. Can’t thank you enough for all the great ideas and patterns.

Marian Peoples
Marian Peoples

March 24, 2021

As a person who graduated in fashion at University it is fun to review the techniques in miniature. Thanks for helping so many enjoy this skill.


March 23, 2021

Awesome- I love combining patterns. Your tips are wonderful, thank you

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