Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: Aussie Style, How To Get The Aussie Look!

Hi Everyone! This week we wrap up our sew-along for the Alice Springs dress and explore the Aussie style in more detail. We'll kick things off with the final video in the sew-along series, sewing the tiered ruffles and finishing the back of the dress. Then we'll explore the Aussie theme as we take a look at the current Kira Bailey wardrobe and do a little compare and contrast with the patterns available on Pixie Faire. There are so many possibilities to create wardrobe items that are similar to what's available or to create new and unique looking styles that fit into the Aussie theme perfectly!

Alice Springs Dress Sew-Along Part 4: The Tiered Skirt and Finishing the Dress

Ok, we've made it to the final steps and are just about finished sewing the dress! The video shows the skirt tiers from View A. These have a gentle inverted curve in the design, creating a slimmer silhouette. The process for sewing the View B tiers would be the same except for of the side seams at each tier. Follow along in the video below to finish your dress with us!

Congratulations! Your dress is finished! We'd love to see what you've created. You can share pictures for everyone to see in the SWC FB group or directly in the Inspiration Gallery. 

Aussie Style - The Pixie Faire Collection Can Make It Happen!

Join me in this video as I walk you through the different outfits that make up the Kira Bailey collection from American Girl. In Part 1, we took a look at the color palette; in this section, we go a bit further and look at the different pieces and the overall outfits that make up the collection.  

My intention here is not to have you copy everything they've created, but more to get an understanding of how they've used the color palette and theme to create a collection. We can see similarities with existing patterns on Pixie Faire and can create similar looking pieces, but I also encourage you to use the information to add your own unique twist to the Aussie theme that's gaining in popularity since the release of the 2021 Girl of the year collection has become available.

Here's a breakdown of the outfits and patterns shown in the video. All the images of Kira are used for illustration and educational purposes; these images are ©American Girl:

The Meet Outfit and Accessories:

I love this outfit! The style is rugged and yet a bit feminine too. Look for patterns that have topstitching detail and cargo pockets. Mix in a girly touch with the colors like fuchsia and blue to balance the tan and olive in the overall look.

Patterns recommended to "get the look":


The Comfy Camping Outfit:

This is a great look! The casual fit of the outfit really shines with the bold color palette and embroidered details. You can create something similar to this with a variety of overall or romper designs. Choose something that will work with a lightweight fabric and a design that has simple lines. Or create a more rugged look with classic overalls but remember to bring in the girly charm with embellishments or vibrant color choices.

Patterns used to "get the look":

Find a few video tutorials showing how to do decorative stitched by hand or by machine here too:


The Wildlife Care outfit & and Wallaby Set:

Pink scrubs, yes please! This outfit is full of energy and fits with the theme nicely by adding in an occupation that could actually be happening anywhere, but here it's paired with the Wallaby accessory set to really solidify the Aussie theme!

Patterns used to "get the look":

 There are also a lot of accessories by brand like Our Generation (Target) and My Life As (Wal-Mart) that have a medical or vet theme. Finding a tiny koala or Kangaroo may be more of a challenge though, but be on the lookout and let us know if you find one!


The Casual Outfit:

Soft and feminine, perfect for spring and summer, this outfit would be darling for pretty much any theme! 

Patterns used to "get the look":

Check out our tie-dye posts here too:


The Koala Pjs:

An Aussie theme wouldn't be complete without a Koala! These pj's are so adorable and the slipper, oh my! Too cute! The garments are made from basics, like a tee and leggings, but the colors, print, and embellishment really steal the show here!

Patterns used to "get the look":

Looking for Koala printed fabrics? There are quite a few on Etsy, but judging the scale is a bit of a challenge.

I did see this Koala Fabric on JoAnn Fabrics, it's customizable so you can get it printed at any scale you'd like - pretty cool! It also comes in a variety of colors that you can pick and choose from to create custom fabric.




Here's an example of a cute applique, cut from a piece of fabric to create a coordinating PJ set (for a baby). I saw this on Etsy and thought it would provide a bit of inspiration for creating something for your dolls.





Here's an example of an iron-on design that can be purchased, ready to apply to your project. This one is from JoAnn Fabrics, but you could look at stores like Hobby Lobby, Micheal's, and Wal-Mart too. I'd also recommend checking out what's available on Amazon




Aussie Style Accessories:

We have a lot of accessory patterns to fill out any outfit you might be putting together.

  • When making a backpack, add some leather trim to highlight the rugged style.
  • If you're making a hat, choose a design with a wide brim, and fabrics like burlap, microsuede or even felted wool. Add a brightly colored ribbon or trim to give your hat some personality! 
  • Add the Koala flair with the Koala Hoodie pattern hack! Use this same concept to add a koala look to your slippers or even a tee!
  • Make some accessories for your pets too! Find the pet bed, pet carrier, and a wagon to pull it all around with!



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Such great ideas- Thank you Cinnamon. Pulling everything together in an overall look is a big help, especially with the color pallet reference. Again thank you for all you do.

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